Chapter 114 - Will Not Ignore The Second Miss

Chapter 114 - Will Not Ignore The Second Miss

At this moment Ouyang Haoxuan finally stepped forward, and stopping the Sixth Prince, he slightly smiled, “Sixth Prince don’t get angry, through the seriousness of my illness I was able to clearly see people’s true faces. Due to misfortune my Ouyang family and myself are actually very lucky as I don't have to marry a snake hearted wife. I ought to thank the Nalan family as I feel very grateful.”

Zhu Yiqun standing on the side immediately laughed out loud while stroking his beard, “My Zhu family aren't the tiniest bit afraid of taking a snake hearted woman as a wife. The woman will become one of our Zhu family’s people, and for a pungent and vicious daughter in law, our Zhu family has plenty of methods to teach her. It won't even take us a year to make her obedient, turning her into my son’s good wife. In this regard, Madam Nalan doesn't need to be worried, our Zhu family will definitely not ignore the Second Miss.”

The muscles on Madam Nalan’s face continuously twitched while it flushed due to shame. To prevent herself from releasing a sharp and vulgar curse, her hands hanging at her sides were clenched so tightly the veins showed.

Seeing Ouyang Haoxuan’s handsome face, with his body naturally emitting an elegant imposing manner, it was a very sharp contrast compared to Zhu Zhongba who resembled a pig. Madam Nalan regretted until her intestines were green.

She didn’t think that Ouyang Haoxuan would ever be able to recover! Old Master had diagnosed that he would be permanently crippled, so in the end, who was it that cured him?!

If she had known earlier that it was going to be like this, marrying Feixue into the Ouyang family is absolutely the better choice! But now, everything is ruined!

Madam Nalan grit her teeth in regret until a cracking noise could be heard, but Zhu Yiqun didn't care about her expression as his small, bright and shiny eyes stared fixedly at Madam Nalan, “Madam Nalan, today we have come to propose marriage. After all, the Second Miss and my son already have an intimate physical relationship, so if my son doesn't marry her, then isn’t the reputation of the Second Miss forever ruined? I say it's better for Madam to call the Second Miss out. Letting the two young people meet each other will be good, and it'll be best if we set the marriage date today.”

Madam Nalan heard the three words “intimate physical relationship”, and the veins on her forehead bulged. Her gaze swept over Ouyang Haoxuan’s almost mocking smile and her heart felt anxious, yet she still ordered a servant to bring Hexi out.

After a moment, a girl wearing a pink gauze skirt covered with a transparent light muslin, with her hair rolled into two buns on the top of head, walked out supported by a servant on either arm.

Once Zhu Zhongba saw that girl, bewilderment flashed in his eyes as they opened widely in shock.

Zhu Zhongba suddenly rushed forth in anger while opening his big mouth to curse.

The girl slightly lifted her head from its previously lowered position and revealed a sinister smile towards him.

Zhu Zhongba, having learnt his lesson once, immediately halted and felt a burst of pain all over, his voice stuck in his throat.

The next second, he saw the girl flip her palm over, flashing the slave card in her hand towards him. He then felt a stabbing pain in his brain, and following that, his consciousness began to fade with only a command echoing in his mind, leaving him no other choice but to comply.

Out of the people present, none of them noticed Hexi’s small action except Ouyang Haoxuan. Standing to the side he glanced at her and Zhu Zhongba yet didn't say anything, a smile visible in the depth of his eyes.

Madam Nalan grabbed Hexi’s hand and pulled her towards the Zhu father and son, “On that day, the one that had a physical relationship and conflict with Young Master Zhu Zhongba was this child. She’s also a Young Miss of our Nalan Manor. In regards to a connection by marriage between your Zhu family and my Nalan family, our families are well-matched in terms of social status so this can be considered an appropriate match….”

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