Chapter 109 - Hypocritical Show Of Affection

Chapter 109 - Hypocritical Show Of Affection

The girl looked to be about sixteen to seventeen years old, yet unlike the soft and fresh visage of a girl of that age, her skin was dry and sallow. Her gaze was turned down, clearly displaying her swollen eyelids and the obvious bags under her eyes.

With these kinds of looks, even the servants in the Manor were looked after better than her. If anyone were to say that she was the Third Miss from Nalan Manor, who would believe them?

Just thinking about how much pain that woman in the underworld would feel if she knew this, if she could see her own daughter’s miserable and petty appearance now, caused Madam Nalan’s heart to surge with intense joy.

But contrary to these emotions, the expression on Madam Nalan’s face was one of distress, and in a noble manner she beckoned the girl closer. After examining Hexi up and down for a long while, she finally sighed, “You are Hexi? Poor child, how can you be so thin?”

Saying so, her sharp eyes swept over the people present and landed on Wang Zhong, “Butler Wang, how have I instructed you all? Although Third Miss was sent to the other courtyard by Old Master, she’s still a Young Miss of the Nalan family. All food and clothing expenses must be according to Young Miss’s specifications. Yet look at her now! Why has Hexi become so thin? In the end, did you send people who would serve Third Miss properly?”

Wang Zhong, who was somewhat terrified as he was being scolded, lowered his head and said, “Madam, your words really wrong this old slave. We have always picked the best foods and materials to send to the other courtyard. There's never been a shortage of crystal stones or silver tael, but…”

Madam Nalan’s long shapely eyebrows raised, “But? You're not going to quickly say it?”

Wang Zhong answered while glancing slyly at Wet Nurse Chen, “But, this is the first time this old slave personally went to visit the other courtyard, so it is only now that I've learnt that the slaves in that courtyard are all outrageous. They're not only not looking after Third Miss properly, they’re also taking advantage of her and secretly deducting a lot of the food and clothing expenses. This is the reason why Third Miss has fallen to such a degree.”

Madam Nalan’s eyes flashed, her gaze falling on Wet Nurse Chen as she stood behind Hexi. Suddenly, she shouted loudly, “Such a daring old slave, still not kneeling down quickly!”

Wet Nurse Chen was so scared by the shout that she was trembling, her face completely terrified.

Two servants quickly approached, and standing on her left and right, they forced her to kneel.

The corner of Madam Nalan’s mouth raised slightly before quickly vanishing into a grief filled expression, and she said in a disgusted tone, “Wet Nurse Chen, in the past when you harmed my Xuan Er, I only punished you by letting people disable your cultivation base. You were sent to the other courtyard to atone for your crimes by properly serving Third Miss. Yet, you actually haven't changed and neglected your care of Third Miss.”

“At that time I tolerated you, but this time, for my pitiful Hexi, I definitely won't spare you. Servants, drag this wicked slave away and flog her one hundred times, regardless of whether she lives or dies!”

Wet Nurse Chen was currently an ordinary person without spiritual power, if she were to be flogged one hundred times, she wouldn't be able to protect herself.

“Yes----!” The two servants that were holding Wet Nurse Chen down replied loudly, and started to drag her out of the room.

Wet Nurse Chen suddenly returned to her senses and fiercely struggled, “Madam, I didn't do it! I didn't harm Young Master Xuan! I didn't betray Young Miss! Don't believe these vicious lies attacking me!”

Wang Zhong coldly snorted from the side, “When I went to the courtyard, I personally saw you ordering people about while acting all arrogant and bossy towards Third Miss. You simply have no respect for Third Miss, and now you still dare to lie in front of Madam! Quickly drag her away!”

Wet Nurse Chen struggled with all her might while shouting, but she was no match compared to the strength of the two servants’. Her eyes slowly showed despair.

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