Chapter 108 - Madam Nalan

Chapter 108 - Madam Nalan

Xiao Li promptly answered yes, not doubting Hexi’s orders at all.

Without waiting for Wet Nurse Chen to respond, Hexi quickly pulled her into the carriage. Since Wet Nurse still had delusions about Nalan Manor and her cheap Father, then this time she’ll give Wet Nurse’s naive hopes the opportunity to vanish.


In Yan Jing city, as one of the four great families, Nalan Manor’s reputation could be described as outstanding.

When you add to this that Nalan Zhengze is the highest ranking doctor in all of Jin Ling kingdom, and that he's a Junior member of the Doctor's Association, many people would beseech Nalan Zhengze for treatment.

Therefore since Murong Yaru, now Madam Nalan, had married into the Nalan family, she had been enjoying the admiration and envy of others as part of a noble family. Wherever she went people would fawn upon her, giving her respect.

However, Madam Nalan had recently been worried about the rumours surrounding Nalan Feixue, giving her white hair. Spending all day inside Nalan Manor, she didn’t dare go out to attend any parties.

This is because the rumours about Nalan Feixue had now spread throughout all of Yan Jing city, causing the Nalan family to look like a joke.

What “Nalan Feixue took a fancy to the Young Master of the Zhu family, and failing to seduce him, she used force”. What “Nalan Feixue’s innocence was taken by the Young Master of the Zhu family, so due to rage out of humiliation, she whipped the Young Master of the Zhu family to vent her anger”. The rumours continued like this and they were now known by everyone!

Madam Nalan had educated Nalan Feixue herself as she grew up, so if Nalan Feixue's reputation was ruined, wouldn’t it be said that she, Murong Yaru, had failed to teach her daughter well? Wouldn't this affect the future of her son and older daughter later on? This is what Madam Nalan couldn’t bear about the whole situation.

However, the Zhu family insisted that the one who stripped Zhu Zhongba was Nalan Feixue. They even produced Nalan Feixue's personal token, and that personal token’s design had made an uproar in Yan Jing city, so Nalan Manor was unable to deny it.

Unfortunately, as it happened her daughter, Nalan Feixue, was currently on a journey to train and wasn't at home. So even if she wanted her daughter to personally explain what had happened, there was no way it was achievable. Not to mention, with Madam Nalan’s understanding of her daughter, it's possible that she really might have done such a thing.

Finally, after being reminded by Wet Nurse Hu, who is always beside her, Madam Nalan thought of using the concubine's daughter, Nalan Hexi. That girl who had been abandoned at the outside courtyard for over ten years.

Thinking of Nalan Hexi, Madam Nalan also unavoidably recalled that woman.

With a stunning appearance that could overturn the world, a noble and cold temperament, and arrogant eyes that overlooked anyone who came near. She was obviously only a concubine, yet her manner was like that of a flower growing on a high mountain, even her own husband wasn't in her sight.

Until today, every time Madam Nalan thought of that woman's indifferent expression when looking at her, she would become so angry that she trembled all over. Yet Madam Nalan's husband had loved that woman so much and was extremely respectful towards her, even more, he hadn't allowed anyone to get close to her or harm her.

She was a shameless slut who seduced men! Why, why should she have had to treat her well? Keep dreaming!

Fortunately, after that woman had given birth to a daughter she had died. Moreover, that daughter is an ugly person that is unable to cultivate, completely not inheriting even a little bit of her character and beauty.

This lowly kind of daughter, before she could hinder her path, it’s better to get rid of her now.

Thinking of this pleased her, causing a carefree and vicious smile to appear on Madam Nalan’s face. It was just at this moment though that a servant came in to report, “Madam, Third Miss has arrived.”

Soon after, wearing a rough coat made for a man and without any sort of hairpin in her hair, a little girl accompanied by an old wet nurse unhurriedly entered the room.

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