Chapter 102 - Properly Teach You A Lesson

Chapter 102 - Properly Teach You A Lesson

Hexi hadn’t yet responded when Bai Hu suddenly burst into laughter, “Nalan Manor’s good reputation? I'm really sorry, but how come I didn't know about Nalan Manor's good reputation? Didn't the Second Miss from your Nalan Manor, Nalan Feixue, seduce Young Master Zhu Zhongba from the Zhu family? The news that she stripped him using violent means has already spread everywhere. Still using her strength against him, even though you can tell with one look that Zhu Zhongba is trash...tsk tsk, the people from Nalan Manor are really well educated!”

Once Qin Lu heard Bai Hu’s words, his face turned red. With his eyes expressing how humiliated and angry he was, his body slightly trembled with his rage.

Even Hexi wore a surprised expression on her face.

Oh? It was unexpected that the rumour had spread to such a wild degree that it has already reached Yan Jing city!

This news really pleased her because if it wasn't thanks to Bai Hu, she never would have heard such amusing news as she had been busy lately with sorting out her space, and helping Xi Jia and the others with their training.

Thinking of this, she raised her head and glanced at Bai Hu with appreciation.

Bai Hu straightened his posture, immediately beaming with joy. Aiya! Young Master Xi Yue...wrong, it should be Miss Nalan! She's finally not angry anymore, there'll be no problem with the food in the future now.

Qin Lu finally recovered his wits and wanted to rush over to give Bai Hu a lesson right away.

However, the atmosphere focused around Bai Hu couldn’t help but cause him to shudder. Although Bai Hu had restrained the power in his cultivation base, due to his rank, it was impossible for it not to make an impact, resulting in Qin Lu instinctively feeling fear.

He was used to being the one who took unfair advantage of a situation to bully others, so in the face of Bai Hu's aura, he had no courage, immediately choosing to rush towards Hexi instead, “Little slut, isn't it you who incited your pretty boy to slander our Second Miss and Nalan Manor? Nalan Manor raised you for so many years, yet you’re a slut who kicks their benefactor! Not only do you not know how to be grateful, you even let your lover slander Nalan Manor. On behalf of Madam and Second Miss, I will now give you a proper lesson!”

Previously, when Qin Lu had followed Zhang Dezhong to this courtyard to deliver food, he had also used the opportunity to torture this Third Miss. Because although Nalan Hexi had the noble title as the Third Miss of the Nalan family, her nature was one of an incompetent coward, and when facing a beating and getting scolded, she could only weep.

Whenever he thought of himself beating the Third Miss, seeing her shivering pitiful body, his tyrannical heart would become excited.

Therefore, when he thought he would get to beat her again, with this Third Miss curled at his feet and begging for mercy, his face flushed while his body trembled due to excitement.

Bai Hu noticed the evil glint in Qin Lu's eyes, which made his own eyes turn cold.

She is the person Master cares about and cherishes, yet unexpectedly this guy dares to be so arrogant and humiliate her! He should just die a thousand times!

However, before Bai Hu could make a move, Zhangsan, who had been standing on the side, suddenly rushed forward. With his hands as fast as lightning, he pressed down on Qin Lu's shoulder, buckling it as he forcefully poured in his spiritual power. Qin Lu felt a sharp pain in his meridians, making him unable to move even a single step.

Then, Zhangsan lifted his foot, ruthlessly kicking Qin Lu’s knee. With a heavy sounding ‘thump’, Qin Lu was forced to kneel on the ground, while his head was also pushed down, resulting in him kowtowing to Hexi.

A piercing pain came from his knee, and following that pain, his meridians being invaded by spiritual power caused him to release a pained howl.

Hexi, who was still sitting beside a stone table, was acting like she didn't hear or see any of it. Leisurely, she reached across, and grabbing a piece of sugar steamed cheese that Xiao Li had prepared, she gracefully placed it into her mouth.

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