Chapter 100 - People From Nalan Manor

Chapter 100 - People From Nalan Manor

Nangong Yu looked down at her with a gentle and warm smile, “Also, the snacks that your little servant had spoken, I want to try every type of them. Mhm, that’s all for now.”

Finished speaking, and without waiting for Hexi to answer him, he turned around and entered the carriage. Hexi was alone as she stood by the courtyard gate, angrily gritting her teeth!

That’s all for now! Who does this bastard think he is?!


What made Hexi depressed was that one word from the Hell King really carried an enormous weight, completely preventing people from going against it.

From that day forward, every few days, Nangong Yu would come to her small courtyard to be a freeloader. He claimed it was an advanced reward for his services.

Even if he himself didn’t have the free time to come, he would order Bai Hu to come collect the packed food. This caused Bai Hu, the gossiper with a big lively stomach, to become familiar with the people in this courtyard.

Since eating Hexi’s finely made dishes, Bai Hu had admired Hexi. Previously he had despised her, but now he flattered her to curry favour with her.

Things continued like this for more than half a month, until one day, news from Nangong Yu stopped arriving. Even Bai Hu's visits started decreasing.

When she asked Bai Hu about Nangong Yu's whereabouts, all she got in return were vague responses. His eyes showed his alertness and suspicion, that he was excluding her, making Hexi feel bad.

Today when Bai Hu came to collect the food, he noticed that both Hexi and Xiao Li refused to acknowledge him, so he moved closer to them in embarrassment. “Young Master Xi, these days Master is really busy, so he's unable to come over. In the midst of his busy schedule though, he still found time to order me to look after you Young Master Xi.”

Hexi uttered an indifferent, “Oh”. It was neither angry or happy. In fact, it was as if they were only talking about an insignificant person.

When Bai Hu remembered that his Master really valued this youngster, his heart couldn’t help but tighten, while cold sweat dripped down his back.

This is all Qing Long and Zhu Que's fault! Those two guys would repeatedly caution Bai Hu to be wary of unknown people scheming against Master. Coupled with the fact that Master was now in his most critical time, it had made Bai Hu's attitude towards this Young Master Xi Yue somewhat cold.

The result was that when he went to deliver the food to Master that day, Master's expression had unexpectedly sunk.

Uhh...obviously when he looked at the spiritual food it was exactly the same. Smell, look, and taste were all great, while the spiritual energy was also rich, yet in the end, just how could Master tell that the taste was different?! He was even able to feel that Young Master Xi Yue was unhappy just by the taste of the food!

Since then, despite how much slandering Qing Long and Zhu Que would do, Bai Hu no longer dared to ignore this Young Master Xi Yue even a little bit.

He has never seen Master so attached to a person before, regardless of whether that person was a man or a woman. So, as long as he is Master’s sweetheart, he, Bai Hu, swore to protect him.

Not to mention, Young Master Xi Yue’s foods were so delicious, that if he offended him, wouldn’t that mean no more food for him in the future?!

Bai Hu was lost in his thoughts when suddenly, he noticed Wet Nurse Chen hurriedly running over. Instead of her usual kind expression, her face showed panic as she called out, “Miss, Miss! People from Nalan Manor have come!”

Wet Nurse Chen’s heart was very panicked, as the terror caused by Nalan Manor had left a deep-rooted scar. Even now, though her Miss has become stronger, she was still unable to control her fear of Nalan Manor. So being that she was in such a hurry, she didn’t pay attention to Bai Hu and shouted out Hexi’s usual address.

Bai Hu opened his eyes wide in surprise as he looked at Hexi.

Although he had long suspected, especially after Zhu Que’s implied words, that Young Master Xi Yue is a girl, but...but how could there be such a magical technique to change one's appearance in this world?

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