Chapter 1 One Drop of Allure

Chapter 1 – One Drop of Allure

The desert prison on the rocky island of Colorado, ADX, is considered to be the world’s most guarded jail where no one can escape from.

In the silence of the night, the wind blew continually, mixing with the dust. The temperature in the desert had reached minus five degrees.

In the dark moonlight, no one noticed the girl wearing white tights as she deftly climbed up 3.28 metres of wire, to quietly slip into this prison called ‘Sin Prison’.

The girl was named He Xi. Merely nineteen years old, she was already known as the fearless gold medal assassin of the underworld.

If she deployed one drop of poison she could destroy a whole city; If she flipped her silver needles she could revive the dead and restore flesh to bones.

She was an impenetrable force in ordinary people’s eyes, however, even she had a little trouble breaking into this prison.

An hour later, He Xi finally passed through the tightly knit net caused by the lasers on the wall, to arrive in front of an unremarkable cell door.

“He Xi, you really came to save me!” The prison door opened and a handsome young man rushed out to embrace her, looking pleasantly surprised.

Feeling the man’s slightly trembling body, she tightly embraced him. He Xi’s chilled held a trace of softness.

Experience from childhood had caused He Xi to become firm, persistent, and icily arrogant, while only this man – Leng Ye, meant something to her.

The two had become partners in the same organisation and trained together, completed missions together, helping each other through mountains of daggers and seas of flames. They weren’t lovers, but their friendship was more profound.

He Xi hugged him gently and replied softly, “We’re partners, if you are in danger how can I not come to save you?”

“He Xi, He Xi!” Leng Ye’s hoarse voice trembled, he was holding her hands but kept fidgeting, “I really wanted to be with you in this lifetime, unfortunately...”

He Xi wanted to ask unfortunately what, when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.

She shoved Leng Ye away and staggered back a few steps. Shocked at the knife she could see inserted into her abdomen, she looked back at Leng Ye, “Why?....”

In the dim light Leng Ye’s complexion turned sinister, a crazed laugh emerging from his mouth, “He Xi I blame you....blame you for not willing to be loved by me, refusing to accept me as your man....since I can’t have you, it’s better to follow the organisation’s order to kill you!”

He Xi’s body was shaking, looking into the man’s eyes she saw that they were filled with pain and anger.

She didn’t love Leng Ye and had rejected his proposal, in her eyes Leng Ye was just a brother, the best partner to work with. However, was their companionship all false? If she didn't love him, he would rather she died?

And why did the organisation want to get rid of her?

He Xi felt a numbness spreading from the wound and struggled to breathe, the dagger must have been smeared with poison! These were the results from using Blood Sealing Throat poison!

“The organisation...why do they want to kill me?” Beads of sweat formed on He Xi’s forehead, her pale face beautiful, “I never thought I did anything untoward to the organisation, so in the end why?....”

“Blame that your life is unlucky!” Leng Ye stepped forward and extending his hand gently, he hooked his fingers under He Xi’s jaw. At this moment He Xi gave off the illusion of being beautiful and gentle, Leng Ye felt his coveting heart begin to stir, “Shen Master predicted that you’re cursed, one day bringing disaster to the organisation, even destroying the world. The organisation gave you multiple chances to share the mysterious power you have, but you refused to give in, humph humph, why would the organisation allow you to live?”

He Xi’s body shook as the numbness spread throughout her.

They wanted to kill her just because of a prophecy!

How many times had she saved Leng Ye during a mission? He kept saying that he loved her but this was how he payed her back, cruelly sending her to her death?

Sure enough, in this world besides oneself, no one is trustworthy!

He Xi pushed Leng Ye’s hand away and laughed crazily, “Because you all feared me destroying the organisation and the world, you want to kill me? It that case all of you should open your dog-eyes wide, take a good look at what kind of disaster my death will bring about!”

As her voice faded He Xi pulled the dagger out of her abdomen, suddenly stabbing it fiercely into her heart.

Leng Ye was shocked by her actions and merely sighed as he thought her to be committing suicide, “Humph, He Xi you always were unable to differentiate the good from the bad, if you had obeyed me earlier...”

Before Leng Ye had finished speaking, there was suddenly an ear ringing sound followed by a violent explosion. He Xi tightly grabbed hold of Leng Ye as she felt a sharp pain, her entire body slowly tearing apart. Her body continued to split apart without a scream passing her lips, not ending until her life was extinguished.

“Rumble—!!” The prison’s base loudly collapsed into dust due to the ear-splitting explosion.

No one had known, but within He Xi’s body, there had been a space. Her mind controlled this space and once He Xi died, the space exploded within a ten kilometre radius.

At the same time, He Xi’s handmade poison ‘Allure’, that she stored in her space, broke free. During the explosion it quietly mingled with the air, spreading out into the world.

This poison, ‘Allure’, just one drop could immediately destroy all living things. This was the real cause of the destruction from the prophecy!

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