Chapter 98: Early Stage Martial Warrior (4)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 98: Early Stage Martial Warrior (4)

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“Elder Yu, take this pill.”

She opened her hands, and in that instant, a round green pill appeared in the center of her palm.

“This is…” Elder Yu was a little surprised.

Qi Gathering Pill? But hadn’t Eldest Miss already told him that the Qi Gathering Pill wouldn’t have the ability to help him through his bottleneck?



Elder Yu frowned. This wasn’t a Qi Gathering Pill; it couldn’t be. The spiritual power contained within this single pill was even denser than that of the Qi Gathering Pill…

As if knowing the suspicion in Elder Yu’s heart, Gu Ruoyun opened her mouth and merely said: “Spirit Gathering Pill.”

“Spirit Gathering Pill?”

Hearing those three words, Elder Yu’s heart trembled. He reached out with a shaking hand, gripped that green pill, and slowly placed it in his mouth…

Suddenly, a wave of extremely dense spiritual Qi poured into the surroundings without pause. If the effect that the Qi Gathering Pill brought was a thick mist, then right now, Elder Yu was completely encased in a layer of fog; not even a single hair on his head could be seen.

At this moment, the spiritual Qi surrounding him followed his channels and rushed into his spiritual ocean, causing the bottleneck that had stoppered it for so long to shift ever so slightly…

Elder Yu was overjoyed. Only the heavens knew how long it had been since he felt this kind of feeling. Years? More? He had thought that he would be stuck at this late stage of martial general forever, never to break through to martial king… but now...

This… this was practically a miracle!

Thinking up to here, Elder Yu hurriedly sat down cross-legged and started cultivating, fighting for every precious second of cultivation that he could. He was unwilling to waste even a single bit of it…

Gu Ruoyun looked at the green fog encasing Elder Yu, and deep thought flashed through her eyes. It was at this time that a burst of noise came from outside Hundred Herb Hall, causing her brows to unconsciously knit together.

“What’s happening outside?”

She glanced at Elder Yu and sunk into thought for a moment before saying: “Elder Yu won’t be able to break through for at least an hour or so; I’ll go out and take a look first.”

Having said so, she didn’t take a second glance at Elder Yu and turned to leave…

At this moment, on the main street, Ling Yu had her hands on her waist as she angrily glared at the crowd. Her heart was filled with hatred. She absolutely wouldn’t forget that, a month ago, it had been this damned Hundred Herb Hall that had chased her out and swept the rest of her dignity out the door along with her!

The worst part was that, after finding out what she had said outside Hundred Herb Hall, her aunt had scolded her ferociously. Even her uncle, the emperor, had wanted to question her for her crimes. If it hadn’t been for her aunt pleading for her, she would have become a convict in the prison.

She didn’t understand; this Hundred Herb Hall was just a small merchant store. What was so great about them that even her aunt’s power was of no use?

However, she didn’t need to fear them anymore…

Thinking of the person behind her, Ling Yu raised her chin and commanded: “Get Gu Ruoyun and that fellow called Elder Yu out here for their punishments!”

Shopkeeper Zhao wanted to speak, but he saw Gu Ruoyun suddenly walk out from within Hundred Herb Hall. He opened his mouth for a brief second, but finally decided to close it without saying anything.

“Gu Ruoyun, I thought you were hiding behind Hundred Herb Hall’s protection. Who would have thought that you would dare to walk out after hiding for a month!” Ling Yu sneered, her hatred burning like hellfire in her eyes, “You killed my grandfather and brother, and then you caused my family to become destitute and homeless. Today, I’m going to use your blood as a sacrifice to appease their spirits in heaven.”

Gu Ruoyun knew of how Ling Yu had been beaten out by Elder Yu a month ago. Seeing that she dared to come up to their door again, Gu Ruoyun couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. Her gaze then moved to the man dressed in black standing behind Ling Yu…

That man’s body was completely encased in black clothing. Even his face couldn’t be seen, but…

Gu Ruoyun sneered. No wonder Ling Yu dared to come to Hundred Herb Hall; she had this man to back her up.

Martial king!

She didn’t think that Ling Yu could actually find a martial king. Martial kings could completely dominate anyone else here in Azure Dragon Country...

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