Chapter 96: Early Stage Martial Warrior (2)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 96: Early Stage Martial Warrior (2)

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Gu Ruoyun’s heart instantly skipped a beat. She looked at the spiritual weapon in her hands with astonishment, and it took a long time to recover her senses.

The meaning of what Zixie had said was that, from now on, as long as she was willing, she could have as many spiritual weapons as she wanted? Even on the East Peak Mainland, spiritual weapons were an extremely rare existence. Furthermore, this was on the West Spirit Mainland that was much poorer in resources than the East Peak Mainland...

Even in the Weapon Refining Sect, only their Sect Master had a low ranked spiritual weapon, and he kept it hidden away like a great treasure.

If she could forge an unlimited number of spiritual weapons, what did this mean? It meant that in the near future, she would have an extremely strong team!

“Girl, it’s about time,” Zixie rubbed Gu Ruoyun’s head. At this moment, a trace of worry appeared in his devilish violet eyes, “You have to grow as fast as you can. My strength will recover as fast as your growth.”

“Zixie…” Gu Ruoyun raised her head to look at Zixie’s handsome face. She bit her lip and asked, “Who’s your enemy? And who’s the enemy that I’m supposed to face in the future?”

Zixie lowered his head and smiled at the girl in front of him: “Girl, there are some things I can’t tell you right now, but I can give you a promise. When you return to the East Peak Mainland and take revenge for the mother and brother of your previous life, I’ll tell you everything.”

Hearing this. Gu Ruoyun froze: “Alright, I’ll be able to take my revenge soon! When the time comes, tell me everything you know, including Qianbei Ye’s identity.”

“I promise.”

The smile on Zixie’s face grew deeper, but without realising, those violet eyes were full of the intention to spoil her.


Gu Ruoyun had just left the Ancient Divine Pagoda when she felt a warm breath on her face. Instantly, alarm flashed across her heart and she abruptly opened her eyes, throwing a punch without even looking…


That punch had hit him directly in the eye. The culprit pitifully squatted in the corner, his tear-filled eyes fixed in an accusatory stare like Gu Ruoyun had done some unspeakable evil to him.

However, when accompanied by that peerlessly beautiful face, his wronged look was just a feast for the eyes. Not even ‘devastatingly beautiful’ was enough to describe that startling beauty of his.

Of course, you had to ignore the black eye on the left first…

“Xiao Ye?”

Gu Ruoyun blinked: “What happened to your eye?”

What happened to her eye? Wasn’t it her handiwork?

Qianbei Ye pouted, as aggrieved as a little wife: “I came to wake you up, but…”

Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun abruptly recalled the punch she had thrown. A little embarrassed, she rubbed her nose: “Sorry, I didn’t know it was you. Right, why didn’t you dodge?”

“Dodge?” Qianbei Ye frowned, “I don’t know how to dodge.”


“I only know how to parry.”

Saying so, Qianbei Ye raised his head to look at Gu Ruoyun.

Perhaps the word ‘dodge’ didn’t exist in his mind, so he wouldn’t do such an action. In his mind, he would kill whoever dared to harm him, so why would he need to dodge?

“Then why didn’t you parry?”

Gu Ruoyun asked, a little confused. Looking at the power Qianbei Ye had shown when he had killed Ling Yi so easily, if he was unwilling, she wouldn’t be able to harm a single hair on his head.

Qianbei Ye thought for a bit before shaking his head and saying: “I couldn’t parry; I can’t control my strength when I parry. It might have hurt you.”

Thus, he had willingly taken her punch?

Gu Ruoyun was flabbergasted. She opened her mouth to speak, but she didn’t know what to say...

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