Chapter 94: Ling Yu's Greed (4)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 94: Ling Yu's Greed (4)

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“Yes, Master.”

Xunfeng and Moyu simultaneously raised their fists in greeting as they replied respectfully.

Due to Gu Ruoyun moving out of Hundred Herb Hall, both Ling Yu and Zuo Shangchen weren’t able to find her. Zuo Shangchen didn’t say anything and simply turned and left. However, Ling Yu wasn’t so easy to get rid of…

“I’m carrying the imperial concubine’s imperial decree; get Gu Ruoyun out here to receive it now!”

Ling Yu raised her chin high as her greedy eyes landed on the many valuable herbs within Hundred Herb Hall.

If she could get this Hundred Herb Hall, then the crown prince would surely sit up and take notice of her. From there, the next logical step would be becoming the crown prince’s consort, and someday, she would become the empress, the mother of the nation.

“She’s not in our Hundred Herb Hall. You’ve come to the wrong place.”

Elder Yu’s complexion didn’t look good as he replied expressionlessly.

“I don’t care where she is; get her out here to see me right now!” Ling Yu coolly smiled, “Unless she wants to disobey the imperial decree! By then, even your Hundred Herb Hall won’t be able to protect her! Furthermore, the imperial concubine has another decree: Hundred Herb Hall sheltered the killer of my grandfather, and thus they are hereby sentenced to punishment! However, the imperial concubine is merciful. If you hand over Hundred Herb Hall, then we’ll leave you with your lives.”

Of course, that last sentence was Ling Yu’s own idea.

She had been eyeing Hundred Herb Hall for much longer than just one or two days; why wouldn’t she use this opportunity to take Hundred Herb Hall into her own hands? Even if the imperial concubine got angry at her later on, she could offer her the precious herbs within Hundred Herb Hall and remove the unhappiness in her heart.

Ling Yu had it all planned out beautifully. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy to carry out her plans…

“Hehe,” Elder Yu sneered, “Girl, at such a young age, you have a pretty wild tone. This old man is going to see, how exactly you’re going to take all of our lives!”

He had lived for so many years, and this was the first time he had met such a daring little girl. Even if Hundred Herb Hall belonged to Gu Ruoyun now, he was still a member of the Dongfang family at the very least. A little imperial concubine’s niece wanted to kill him?

Haha, it was simply ridiculous!

“You old fogey! You’re just a little merchant, and yet you dare to disobey imperial power? My aunt is the imperial concubine! Why would she fear a little merchant like you? I advise you to hand over Hundred Herb Hall, or you won’t be able to continue staying in Azure Dragon Country.”

Ling Yu could see that Elder Yu occupied a position of power and respect in Hundred Herb Hall. Thus, she was taking him as the real owner of Hundred Herb Hall who worked behind the scenes! As for Gu Ruoyun, she didn’t even consider her. Gu Ruoyun was just a little girl; she hadn’t even been born yet when Hundred Herb Hall had been built.

“Good, very good. Haha!” Elder Yu was so angry that he started laughing. His eyes were spitting fire, “I’d like to see how you’re going to do it. Show me why I won’t be able to continue staying in Azure Dragon Country!”

“I tried to warn you, but I see that you’re not going to heed my warning.”

Ling Yu sneered and waved her hand, speaking to the people behind her: “Men! Take this old fogey to see the imperial concubine.”

However, just as she finished speaking, the old man’s figure suddenly disappeared. When he appeared again, he was already in front of Ling Yu…

Ling Yu wasn’t even able to react when Elder Yu’s palm struck her chest fiercely. With a ‘puchi’ sound, her entire body flew backwards. Following that, a tone filled with killing intent suddenly resounded in everyone’s ears.

“Get out of my sight!!!”

The old man tossed out his long sleeves with a flick of his wrist, his elderly face full of frost.

Ling Yu coughed out two mouthfuls of fresh blood and, while gritting her teeth, she spat word after word at him, “You old fogey… Just you wait… I won’t let you off!”

Having said so, she hurriedly stood up, leaving with her tail between her legs in the direction she had initially come from...

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