Chapter 92: Ling Yu's Greed (2)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 92: Ling Yu's Greed (2)

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As if he had heard something unbelievable, Leng Yanfeng froze for a moment. Suddenly, a thin smile unconsciously raised on that usually grave face.

That smile, no matter how you looked at it, was full of mockery.

“Someone who’s still only at the Qi collection levels after so many years is the genius you’re speaking of. So, your Vermillion Bird Country has actually declined to this point. If this kind of person can be considered a genius, then is everyone in your Vermillion Bird Country still at the Qi collection levels?”

It wasn’t just Leng Yanfeng, but even Leng Wujing felt that Zuo Shangchen’s words were simply a joke.

“Fourth Prince, you must be joking. If someone with her kind of power could be counted as a genius, then what does Miss Shiyun, who reached martial king at such an early age, count as?” Leng Wujing shook his head, finding this whole business rather funny. He didn’t know how this fourth prince had determined that Gu Ruoyun was a genius. This lie was way too obvious.

Zuo Shangchen smiled: “As far as this prince knows, Shiyun is already twenty years of age, while Xiao Yun’er is only fifteen. I dare to guarantee that in five more years, her level won’t lose to Shiyun’s!”

“Shut up!”

Suddenly, Leng Yanfeng’s expression had cooled down. His black pupils were like two sharp swords, that frosty glare shooting towards Zuo Shangchen: “You don’t have the qualifications to talk about Junior Shiyun’s talent! Furthermore, comparing that good-for-nothing Gu Ruoyun to Junior Shiyun! She’s not worthy! Even if we’re talking about ten, twenty, or even thirty years, she will never be able to surpass Junior Shiyun!”

Shiyun was the goddess in his heart, where all his faith rested. Thus, he absolutely wouldn’t let anyone insult Junior Shiyun!

“Feng’er,” Leng Wujing cast a side glance toward Leng Yanfeng before turning his gaze back to Zuo Shangchen, “Is Fourth Prince willing to bet with me? No matter how much time you give Gu Ruoyun, she’ll never be able to surpass Miss Shiyun.”

“Apologies,” The corner of Zuo Shangchen’s lips raised with a faint smile, “This prince has no interest in betting on sure bets. Furthermore, your Azure Dragon Country has no prizes that this prince would be interested in.”

Leng Wujing’s expression suddenly turned serious. Even though he was fearful of Zuo Shangchen, he was at the very least the ruler of this country; getting slapped across the face like this made him extremely unhappy in his heart.

“This prince only came here to let Your Highness warn your good son. Don’t trouble Gu Ruoyun anymore. He can’t match up to her identity, and since I’ve already said so, it’s time for this prince to leave.”

Having said so, Zuo Shangchen lazily stretched. His gaze seemed to have accidentally swept across Leng Yanfeng’s face, but as he did so, the mockery in those almond eyes pointedly deepened.

Gu Shengxiao, I wonder how you’ll thank me for protecting your sister like this?

As if he had seen Gu Shengxiao’s extremely grateful face before him, Zuo Shangchen laughed out loud: “Qingyi, let’s go. To Hundred Herb Hall! I’m going to go tease my Xiao Yun’er.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

Qingyi clenched her fists in a greeting expressionlessly. As she looked at that man’s lazy and bewitching face, helplessness flashed across the depths of her eyes.

She had been following her lord for so many years, and was extremely clear about her lord’s mysophobia. Even for dressing, he refused to let anyone help him, even his own mother concubine.

However, it was in front of that man alone, that he would allow casual touches, arms across his shoulder, that he would smile so comfortably, so freely…

Thinking of this, Qingyi felt a little bitterness in her heart. She had accompanied her lord for so many years, and had been silently loving him for as many. However, her years of companionship couldn’t compare to that one year of friendship between her lord and that man...

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