Chapter 90: Subduing the Ghost Doctor (5)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 90: Subduing the Ghost Doctor (5)

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With regards to the Ghost Doctor’s words, Mr Liu didn’t dare express any dissatisfaction at all, and could only reply respectfully: “As the Ghost Doctor wishes.”

“Girl,” The Ghost Doctor turned to look at Gu Ruoyun, her expression carrying a trace of flattery, “That, how did you make that Beauty Rejuvenation Pill? Can you teach me?”

At the start, the Ghost Doctor had been willing to listen to Gu Ruoyun because of the oath, but now after knowing that Gu Ruoyun had been the one who had made that pill, her attitude did a complete turnabout and she didn’t dare to have a trace of disrespect in her tone.

While Gu Ruoyun had admitted that the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill had come from her hands, for the sake of making the Ghost Doctor even more willing to obey her!

“This… I’ll have to ask my teacher for his opinion.”

Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose. Of course, this teacher was completely imaginary, but the Ghost Doctor was completely not suspicious at all. At Gu Ruoyun’s age, if she didn’t have a teacher, how could she have refined a legendary pill?

Furthermore, her teacher must be some old demon who had lived for many, many years…

“How about this. Girl, accept me as your disciple. With the Ghost Doctor as your disciple, you can be proud as well.” The Ghost Doctor chuckled. Clearly, in her eyes, Gu Ruoyun was a good meal waiting to be eaten by her.

Gu Ruoyun glanced at the Ghost Doctor’s smiling face, full of flattery, then shrugged and said: “Your medical skills aren’t good enough to become my disciple.”

If this had come out from someone else’s mouth, the Ghost Doctor would surely have snorted. However, who was this girl? She was a genius who had refined pills! Compared to her, her medical skills were indeed too poor…

However, after saying this, Gu Ruoyun bid farewell to Mr Liu: “My business here is done. Thank you for your guidance today, farewell.”

Having said so, she turned and headed to the door.

Seeing that Gu Ruoyun was about to disappear, the Ghost Doctor no longer cared about acting aloof. She hurriedly rushed forward to catch up.

“Little Shifu, wait for me, please wait for me…”


At this moment, in the imperial courtyard, Imperial Concubine Ling was lying indolently on a chaise longue, absent-mindedly asking a palace maid by her side.

“Where did His Majesty go after morning court was dismissed today?”

The palace maid replied respectfully: “It seems like the fourth prince of Vermillion Bird Country came to visit, so His Majesty went to welcome him.”

“The fourth prince of Vermillion Bird Country?” Imperial Concubine Ling frowned. At this moment, a voice sounded from outside the door.

“Imperial Concubine, the Ling family’s second miss, Ling Yu, is requesting an audience.”

“Ling Yu?” Imperial Concubine Ling rubbed her temples, feeling a headache was coming on, “That girl loves to cause trouble, and has caused no small amount of trouble for the Ling family. I wonder what she’s come for today… Servants, let her in.”

Right after she finished saying so, a fragrant breeze accompanied by weeping sounds charged in from outside the hall.

Ling Yu threw herself into Imperial Concubine Ling’s embrace, and said dismally: “Aunt, you have to help Grandfather and Brother!”

“What’s happened to your grandfather and your brother?”

Imperial Concubine Ling frowned elegantly as she asked.

His Majesty didn’t like his concubines asking about matters outside the palace, so after entering the palace, it was equivalent to cutting off all contact from the outside world. No news would reach her from the outside…

Thus, Imperial Concubine Ling still did not know what had befallen the Ling family.

“Aunt, Grandfather’s death was caused by Gu Ruoyun! She even caused my brother to become disabled, and he was even taken away by the Luo family!”

“What did you say?”

Imperial Concubine Ling suddenly stood up, clenching her fists tightly, she asked slowly: “What you said just now, is it true?”

“It’s true,” Ling Yu cried pitifully, “Gu Ruoyun made the person by her side kill Grandfather. She even crippled Brother herself. However, Second Granduncle is refusing to take revenge for Grandfather and Brother. After Grandfather died, he took control of the family and even sent people to watch me so that I wouldn’t enter the palace to inform you. I had a hard time escaping those eyes and running here to you.”

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