Chapter 80: The Crown Prince Visits (3)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 80: The Crown Prince Visits (3)

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“Gu Ruoyun, you like me.”

It wasn’t a question, but a statement.

Now it was Gu Ruoyun’s turn to be flabbergasted. Wasn’t this fellow’s ego too big? She liked him? Then how was it that she didn’t even know this herself?

“So…” Leng Yanfeng paused for a moment, “Tomorrow, enter the crown prince’s household.”

The order made Gu Ruoyun smile: “You want me to enter the crown prince’s household? As a concubine or a consort? Leng Yanfeng, you’ve always disliked me, so why are you making me enter the crown prince’s household?”

Gu Ruoyun wasn’t stupid. Leng Yanfeng had always abhorred her, so why would he try to get bring into his household?

Leng Yanfeng said coldly: “For my junior, Shiyun!”

“Shiyun? You’re thinking of having me deliver myself and contribute my spiritual force to Shiyun? Sorry, Leng Yanfeng, I’m not that stupid. I won’t send myself to my own death!”

Once a cultivator lost their spiritual force, they would become an idiot. What difference was there between that and death?

Hearing this, Leng Yanfeng frowned: “I don’t know what you mean by that. Why would Junior Shiyun take your spiritual force? Gu Ruoyun, I admit that you’re very different from before. I don’t dislike you like I did before, but in my heart, Junior Shiyun is the only one for me. If you leave that silver-haired man, then Junior Shiyun won’t suffer anymore! You’ve liked me since you were little, so I’ll grant your wish: I’m willing to take you as my wife! The condition is that you can never meet with that man again! However, except for our wedding night, I’ll never touch you again!”

He would never forget... Back then, when his mother had died after getting ensnared in a plot, and when he had almost been assassinated, it was then that that fairy-like girl dressed in white had saved him.

For her, he had strived hard in his cultivation; he not only earned the trust of his father, the Emperor, but also gained enough strength to enter the Weapon Refining Sect, just for the sake of meeting the fairy in his heart…

However, he knew that fairies were holy and not meant to be profaned by mortal hands, so he could only watch her back from afar.

Of course, that was already enough for him.

All these years, there had been countless suitors by Shiyun’s side, but she had remained single. He had thought that she simply had a pure heart with no desire, but it was only today that he finally understood why she had stayed single for so many years. It was for the sake of waiting for this one person, but that person only had eyes for another woman…

In his heart, the fairy was so kind and good, how would she hurt her beloved for the sake of her own happiness? That was something Junior Shiyun would never be able to do.

So, he had no other choice but to trade away the rest of his life for her lifetime of happiness.

“Tsk tsk, looks like I’ve come at the right time. I actually heard the crown prince of a country recklessly hurting a woman for the sake of another woman. Remember, women are meant to be spoiled, not hurt… especially a woman who looks this pleasing.”

That voice was so devilish that you could tell just what sort of person it came from once you heard it.

A wave of beautiful female servants entered first, carrying in a sedan with a dash of pink from outside the door. The appearance immediately gave Gu Ruoyun goosebumps all over her body.

She had never thought that there would be a man in this world who would wear a tacky colour like pink. It didn’t even suit some girls. However, once Gu Ruoyun saw that face, she found that there were indeed people in this world who were suited to wear the colour pink.

It was hard to tell his gender from that man’s alluring face. His mesmerising eyes were slanted upwards. Those perfect cheeks and fair skin, as well as those exquisite collarbones… any part would challenge one’s self-restraint.

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