Chapter 78: The Crown Prince Visits (1)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 78: The Crown Prince Visits (1)

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Now, the aura surrounding Qianbei Ye’s body suddenly went berserk. That violent storm was something that even he could not suppress... However, other than Shiyun, no one else could feel that aura, so they found her changing expressions rather strange.

“Xiao Ye, what are you doing outside? Why aren’t you coming back in?”

It was right at this moment that a voice sounded from within the Hundred Herbs Hall. The killing intent miraculously disappeared all of a sudden, and the swirling aura in the sky also calmed down, which made Shiyun wonder if what she had just felt was a hallucination or not…

However, what she didn’t know was that Gu Ruoyun’s call had saved her life…

With the tension now released from her entire body, Shiyun collapsed limply onto the ground. Her back was covered in cold sweat, and she panted for breath.

“Xiao Yun, I’m coming.”

Qianbei Ye had received Gu Ruoyun’s order, so without another glance at Shiyun, he walked towards Hundred Herb Hall. Compared to that demon from just now, he was currently more docile than a bunny. All traces of killing intent had disappeared.

“Miss, you…” Hunfei looked at Shiyun with astonishment, “What happened to you?”

“Nothing,” Shiyun shook her head, wiped the sweat off her forehead, and gritted her teeth as she said, “Elder Hunfei, let’s go.”

After saying so, she looked one last time in the direction Qianbei Ye had left, and her heart gave another throb of pain.

Qianbei Ye, have you really been brainwashed to this extent? I’m not giving up! You belong to me! I’m not going to let you take someone else into your embrace! So, I must make you recover your memory and kill Gu Ruoyun with my own hands!


Within the rear courtyard, Zixie looked at the girl in front of him, and raised his brows in askance: “Girl, how do you feel?”

“Very strange,” Gu Ruoyun’s elegant eyebrows were slightly knitted together, “Right as Ling Yi’s strike was about to land, I managed to transfer the power of his fist into my body. If I had continued getting beaten a few more times, I would probably be able to break through to Qi level 7.”

Zixie smiled: “Your soul and body were reforged by the Ancient Divine Pagoda, so you’re much stronger than the average person. However, don’t forget. Don’t push yourself when you meet the real powerful experts, because real experts can destroy you in an instant! It’s not as simple as suffering an injury!”

From the start, Zixie had been planning to train her. However, he had not given her too much support, as that would actually be detrimental for her advancement instead…


Zixie narrowed his purple eyes: “Girl, you have to be careful of that girl called Shiyun.”

“Shiyun?” Gu Ruoyun looked doubtfully at Zixie, “Do you recognise her?”

“No!” Zixie shook his head, “I just feel that she’s very dangerous, so you must not go head-to-head with her for now! Of course, with your talent, you’ll surpass her in three to five years at most. However, now isn’t the time.”

There were some things that he couldn’t let Gu Ruoyun know for now.

Why did that woman have his aura? Could it be that Shiyun was related to that person?

Thinking of this, Zixie’s heart sunk. The gaze he directed at Gu Ruoyun carried a thread of complex emotions…

“Girl, I hope you can grow up faster, whether it’s your power, or…”

That demonic gaze swept up and down her body, and the man’s lips curled up into a mesmerising smile that was both noble and magnificent: it was surely able to make any living thing fall head over heels for him.


Gu Ruoyun only shot him a fierce glare: “Stop that evil look, I’m not interested in you at all.”

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