Chapter 74: Qianbei Ye's Wrath (2)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 74: Qianbei Ye's Wrath (2)

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The power of that punch pierced the sky like a storm raging through; however, in the next moment, his entire body froze…

The move that he had used with all his strength... had actually been stopped by a single fist?

That’s right, that man had used a single hand to stop his strongest move.

Immediately, a wave of fear rose from the depths of his heart, spreading throughout Ling Yi’s body. Looking at that man’s terrifyingly beautiful face after the storm, he opened his mouth in an attempt to cry out, only to find that his throat felt like it was being squeezed by an invisible hand. Ling Yi couldn’t make any sound at all.


Ling Yi took a deep breath. The only thing he could do now was run!

When the thought came up, he turned and wanted to escape right then and there, but something even more fearsome was waiting for him…

At this moment, his body felt like it had been completely bound. It was as if a rope was tied around his feet: no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t lift his foot at all!

How could this be?

How did that man do all this?

Just as Ling Yi was trying to understand what had happened, the man’s figure appeared before him just like a devil, and the hand of death ruthlessly wrapped around his neck…

With just that light move…


As if it was made of simple fiber, his neck was squeezed into a single thread and with that light crack, his neck was broken just like that. Fresh blood splurted out like a fountain, causing that man’s crimson clothes to appear even more devilish…

Everyone was stupefied. Their reaction was immediate: endless fear dominated everyone’s hearts, and some weren’t even able to stand the display and fainted on the spot.

They had seen a countless number of bloody scenes, but they had never seen someone snap a neck before. Furthermore, he had done it just like that…

The people who had thought that Qianbei Ye didn’t have much power now wanted to slap their own mouths. If he wasn’t strong, then who could be considered stronger than him?

“Why? Why is Gu Ruoyun’s luck just that good?”

Gu Panpan’s heart was filled with jealousy; it was driving her crazy: “When I first saw him at the palace, I thought that this man was just a good-for-nothing with some looks! Now he’s not only incredibly beautiful, but he’s powerful beyond belief. Why is a man like that following Gu Ruoyun? How’s that woman qualified? No! I, Gu Panpan, am not inferior to her. From the time  we were children up till now, she’s only been fit to pick up things that I no longer want! However, for the things that I take a liking to, those will always be mine!”

Gu Ruoyun was only fit to pick up her trash, and nothing else!

Right now, besides Gu Panpan, there was someone else who was also full of jealousy.

It was obvious that that person was the Weapon Refining Sect’s Eldest Miss Shiyun.

Even though his pupils were a different colour, Shiyun believed from the start that Qianbei Ye was the man who had appeared in her dreams like a god. After seeing the man she had been searching for so many years protecting another woman like that, how could she not be jealous?

Especially since that woman was the one who was completely disrespecting the Weapon Refining Sect, Gu Ruoyun…

“Xiao Yun.”

Qianbei Ye turned to look at Gu Ruoyun, and after seeing the girl’s disbelieving gaze, his heart immediately hurt. Had she been frightened by his cruelty?

“Xiao Yun, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take things too far. I just saw that he hurt you and got too angry. I promise that I won’t be so violent from now on. I’ll put them to death gently, okay?”

After saying so, Qianbei Ye held tightly to the corner of her clothes, and looked pleadingly at Gu Ruoyun.

What if Xiao Yun wouldn’t forgive him? What if she never wanted to bother with him again…

No! Absolutely not!

When he thought of how Gu Ruoyun would ignore him, Qianbei Ye’s heart hurt more and more, as if he had once experienced pain like that...

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