Chapter 65: Competition and Reversal (7)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 65: Competition and Reversal (7)

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“Ling Xi, you’ve got guts coming to cause trouble at my Hundred Herb Hall!”

Shopkeeper Zhao strode out, his forceful gaze shot towards Ling Xi like a sharp sword, as he coldly said: “I’m giving you a chance. Get out of here! My Hundred Herb Hall does not welcome your Ling family!”

“Haha!” Ling Xi laughed out loud, “Shopkeeper Zhao, I’m afraid your Hundred Herb Hall will be switching owners soon. It was Gu Ruoyun who first set the period of a month for our promise. However, I’m such a kind person, I was worried that a month wouldn’t be enough for her to grow, so I added another month. It was your Hundred Herb Hall that was so stupid as to think that a good-for-nothing could achieve victory, and you even used the whole Hundred Herb Hall as a wager. Since you guys want me to have Hundred Herb Hall this badly, then shouldn’t I fulfill your wish? Don’t worry, Hundred Herb Hall will only become even more wealthy and powerful under my management!”

Actually, if he didn’t have the Weapon Refining Sect behind him, Ling Xi would not have dared to do such a thing, no matter what. However, the esteemed Weapon Refining Sect was behind him! As powerful as the backing of Baishan Hall might be, how could it compare with the Weapon Refining Sect?

“My Hundred Herb Hall has never agreed to such ludicrous terms!”

Shopkeeper Zhao’s expression was extremely ugly. His fists tightened as he spoke through gritted teeth.

“What? You’ve gotten scared after seeing my current strength?” Ling Xi sneered.

Hearing his words, the crowd shifted their gazes towards Ling Xi, and upon seeing his current level, they immediately started to discuss about it.

“An early stage martial warrior? Ling Xi has unexpectedly broken through Qi level 8 and reached early stage martial warrior, I didn’t notice it until just now!”

“My goodness, as far as I know, wasn’t Ling Xi just Qi level 5 a month ago? How did he reach early stage martial warrior this quickly?”

“I’m guessing that Hundred Herb Hall is too used to boasting. Now they’re scared after seeing Ling Xi’s power. Tsk tsk, don’t agree to terms like that if you’re going to get scared. What’s the use in regretting now?”

Suddenly, all the taunting gazes had shifted to Shopkeeper Zhao, making him furious. He hated that he could not immediately get rid of the little bastard before him!

Just as both parties were about to enter a deadlock, light laughter drifted over from behind them: “Shopkeeper Zhao, let me handle this.”

Eldest Miss?

Shopkeeper Zhao’s eyes lit up. He hurriedly turned to see Gu Ruoyun walking out from behind him. He opened his mouth, wanting to say something.

“Hmph! Gu Ruoyun, you’ve finally come out!”

Ling Xi sneered, the traces of a storm rose on his gloomy face upon seeing Gu Ruoyun: “Since it’s so, it’s about time that we start the duel.”

“Duel?” Gu Ruoyun smiled lightly, “I’m not saying that I’m refusing this duel, but do the terms you promised back then still hold?”

“What terms?”

“That is, if you lose, then the entire Ling family fortune belongs to me. As for you, you will have to kneel before me and call me master! Furthermore, you have to insult Old Man Ling as an old thing who can’t even match up to an animal!”

“You’re talking nonsense!” Ling Xi shouted in rage, his face ashen, “When did I agree to terms like that?”

Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow: “Then when did I ever agree to using Hundred Herb Hall as a wager?”

“You…” The rage in Ling Xi’s chest burned hot, it wouldn’t feel good until he let it out, “Good! Very good! However, Gu Ruoyun, do you really think you can beat me? You’re just a little Qi level nothing, you’re not even considered a true cultivator yet! Even if you had a hundred lives, you definitely wouldn’t ever be my match!”

The Qi collection levels weren’t considered real cultivators, anyone with just this much ability was practically nothing to him!

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