Chapter 53: There's No Limit to Their Shamelessness (2)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 53: There's No Limit to Their Shamelessness (2)

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“Yun’er, you…”

Just as Second Master Gu was about to say something more, an angered shout abruptly sounded: “Who permitted you to disturb my people? Where’s Shopkeeper Zhao? Come out right now!”

Elder Yu had just been making his usual rounds at Hundred Herb Hall and he hadn’t expected that he would see Gu Ruoyun surrounded by the Gu family’s men. The rage in his heart burst out.

The servants at the side trembled as they replied: “Reporting to Elder Yu, Shopkeeper Zhao… he went out to see a patient.”

“A patient? Hmph! He went out to see a patient at this kind of time? Gu Ruoyun is now under my Hundred Herb Hall, no one is allowed to disturb her peace and quiet. Men, come and strip these bastards and throw them out! If anyone else from the Gu family comes, do the same! If they’re not afraid of humiliating themselves, then let them come!”

Gu Ruoyun did not allow Elder Yu to reveal that she was now the owner of Hundred Herb Hall. She didn’t want to show off her identity for now, in order to fend off the Gu family’s greed. Knowing them, they would surely try to make use of her identity in some way the moment they found out.


The guards following behind Elder Yu had their orders. They quickly rushed over. stripped the Gu family’s men, and tossed them into the crowd without giving them the chance to react. It was still fine for Second Master Gu, but when Second Madam was treated in the same way, she wanted to die on the spot. The hatred she had towards Gu Ruoyun deepened.

“You slut, just you wait. Wait until my son returns, I’ll let you die a horrible death! No, not only that, I’ll make you suffer everything you’ve put me through!”

As if she had detected Second Madam’s resentful gaze, Gu Ruoyun met her eyes fearlessly. There was no change in her clear pupils, only that faint smile dancing at the edge of her lips.

At this moment, everyone was pointing and gawking at the completely naked Gu family party. Even the thick-skinned Second Master Gu was unable to raise his head after this. The Gu family had been utterly humiliated this time…

Gu Ruoyun didn’t spare them another glance. She turned and walked into Hundred Herb Hall. Following her closely was Elder Yu, who walked behind her reservedly.

“Speak, what happened back there?”

Gu Ruoyun strode into the hall and sat down, before smiling as she looked at Elder Yu.

It was clear that this fiasco had something to do with Dongfang Shaoze…

“This…” The embarrassed Elder Yu spoke up, “Young Master just wanted to take a little revenge for Eldest Miss. That Gu family was too much, so Young Master set them an impossible task to torture them. We didn’t think that Eldest Miss would meet them at the door. This is all Shopkeeper Zhao’s fault! Young Master had already ordered that no one from the Gu family was allowed to meet Eldest Miss. However, he just had to leave at this time. This old servant will punish him severely when he returns!”

“There’s no need for punishment,” Gu Ruoyun poured a cup of tea and took a sip before putting the teacup down, “However, let me know whenever you do anything else from now on, so that I’m forewarned.”

Elder Yu chuckled, then turned serious all of a sudden: “Oh yes, Eldest Miss. I’ve already found the people you wanted. This group of people are all orphans, with no living relatives, but they have quite a bit of potential. While they won’t become geniuses, with a little training, they won’t turn out weak.”

“Oh?” Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow, “Where are they? Take me to them.”

“Very well. Please follow me, Eldest Miss.”

Having said so, Elder Yu led the way as Gu Ruoyun followed him out of Hundred Herb Hall.

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