Chapter 51: The Gu Family Visits Again (3)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 51: The Gu Family Visits Again (3)

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“Gu Ruoyun, so you were really here!”

Second Madam spotted Gu Ruoyun at one glance, and her expression darkened. This stupid girl still hadn’t come to greet them despite seeing that her uncle and aunt had come to fetch her back. Who had been the one to teach her such poor manners?

“Hmph, you’ve become quite daring! You dared to block your own uncle and aunt from seeing you! Where has your upbringing gone? Not only that, you even let these Hundred Herb Hall people throw your uncle out the door, I really don’t know how did my Gu family raised a rebel like you!”

The corner of Gu Ruoyun’s lips raised slightly and her arms crossed over her chest as she glanced sideways at the crowd.

“I’m no longer a member of the Gu family, so you’re no longer my relatives. I only have one relative in this world, and that’s Gu Shengxiao. Anyone else is simply a stranger related to me by blood.”

Second Madam’s face was gloomy. She was only thinking of how mortifying it had been when Second Master Gu had been thrown out in front of the crowd. This was clearly meant to humiliate them! And the cause was this damned bitch.

“Hmph, if I had known this earlier, I would have strangled you to death when your father died! You’ve already hurt my daughter, and now you’re trying to harm my husband! Why didn’t you die earlier? Otherwise, why would there be so much trouble now?”

If it weren’t for her, Panpan wouldn’t have been beaten by her own father. She had spoiled her daughter since birth, and could never bear disciplining her even once. So Second Madam hated Gu Ruoyun to the core right now.

If she could, she would have already slapped that damned bitch to death in one hit.

“You, shut up!”

Second Master Gu was so afraid that he hurriedly shouted: “I told you not to follow me here, but you wouldn’t listen. What if Young Master Dongfang hears about what you said, do you want to drag the whole Gu family down with you?”

Second Madam was still indignant: “I really don’t know how that shameless harlot Liu Yu became Young Master Dongfang’s sworn sister. The heavens are really blind! He even wants to look for this good-for-nothing. If Young Master Dongfang really takes this kind of good-for-nothing home, it’ll only waste the Dongfang family’s provisions. A power as strong as the Dongfang family may not even accept her.”

Liu Yu, originally Dongfang Yu, had changed her name to remove all links to the Dongfang family. However, because she was only Young Master Dongfang’s sworn sister, Second Madam did not really think too highly of her. She wasn’t the Dongfang family’s biological daughter, thus the Dongfang family would not come out to defend her. There was only one Dongfang Shaoze willing to stick his head out for her, and he wouldn’t dare to cause trouble in the capital.

However, Second Madam hadn’t thought of one thing: coming from the Dongfang family, how could Dongfang Shaoze be weak? She was only blinded by jealousy.

Before marrying Second Master Gu, she had always liked Gu Tian. Who wouldn’t love a man with a godly appearance and talent to match? However, Gu Tian had never been involved in any relationships, and remained single even up until he was 30.

For the sake of getting closer to the man of her dreams, Second Madam had chosen to become Second Master Gu’s wife. She had thought that no woman would be able to match a man like that. However, one day, when Gu Tian had brought that woman back to the Gu family, she had been shocked to the core.

There was actually such a beautiful woman on this earth, and when she stood next to Gu Tian, they looked like a perfect couple…

Generally speaking, most people would only give their blessings upon seeing such a matching couple. However, Second Madam was different. She felt that Gu Tian should never have wed and should have remained single for all his life, never loving any one woman. Thus, with love turned to hatred, for the sake of removing that perfect couple from her sights, she had made Second Master Gu agree to that person’s request...

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