Chapter 46: Becoming Infamous in History? (1)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 46: Becoming Infamous in History? (1)

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“What happened out there?”

Gu Ruoyun was sitting in a pavilion in the courtyard. Her eyebrows raised slightly after she sensed the sounds coming from outside.

Elder Yu furrowed his brows unhappily; that Shopkeeper Zhao was too useless. He couldn’t even prevent a single person from disturbing the eldest miss. The young master had already said that no one from the Gu family was allowed to see the eldest miss, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to vent his frustrations for the eldest miss.

“It’s nothing, just some unimportant people,” Elder Yu shook his head and smiled slightly as he said, “Eldest Miss, what orders do you have for me now?”

“I have some matters that require Elder Yu’s help,” Gu Ruoyun’s fingers brushed lightly across the stone pillar of the pavilion, a shallow smile sitting on her pretty face, “I need a team that can kill! And I believe that Elder Yu will be able to help me find the people I need.”

She had too many enemies. She wouldn’t be able to do anything with just the strength of a single person, if she wanted to stand firm on this mainland, then she would need an extremely strong power!

That power would become her first step.

“Eldest Miss, this old servant has understood your meaning, this old servant will gather the people you need right now.”

“One moment.”

Gu Ruoyun suddenly ordered him to stop just as Elder Yu was about to turn and leave.

“Eldest Miss, do you have other commands?”

He turned towards Gu Ruoyun, smiling as he asked.

“Send all the herbs on this piece of paper to my room later. I’m heading out for some matters now.”

Gu Ruoyun strode out of the courtyard after handing over the paper in her hands to Elder Yu.

Since she had left the imperial palace, she had not had the time to speak with Luo Yin, so she was heading to the Luo household now…

In that instant, Luo Yin’s smile flashed across her mind, and a wave of warmth emanated from her heart. This girl might be the one who cared for her the most after her brother…

General Luo’s household held a solemnly majestic aura. Even their main door was much more imposing than the Gu family’s.

Although they were both generals serving at court, the Gu family gave the feeling of materialistic luxury, while the Luo household gave the feeling of solemnity.

The servants of the general’s household recognised Gu Ruoyun and knew that she was friends with Luo Yin. They did not stop her and let her walk straight in. However, just as she was about to walk into the Luo household, the sounds of a dispute rang out, causing Gu Ruoyun to furrow her brows slightly.

“General Luo, you don’t even know how to prepare the Biluo fruit and you have no way to use it, there’s no point in holding onto it. If you choose to hand over the Biluo fruit to us, our Weapon Refining Sect will bring you countless benefits.”

Weapon Refining Sect?

Gu Ruoyun sneered. It was a small world, she hadn’t expected to meet people from the Weapon Refining Sect in the Luo household.

Gu Ruoyun did not miss what the person from Weapon Refining Sect had said.

Biluo fruit!

Her breathing quickened.

The Biluo fruit was a type of medicinal ingredient that grew in swamps. After consuming it, you would be immune to all poisons and you wouldn’t have to fear any poison masters!

However, just as the Weapon Refining Sect had said, the Biluo fruit required special preparation, otherwise you would explode from the strong energy held within.

“Elder Hun Fei, I spent a huge amount of money to buy this Biluo fruit from a merchant from the western region years ago. As you have said, there’s no use in me keeping it. If you want it, then you can buy it. I won’t change the price either, you can have this Biluo fruit for the original price of 10 million gold coins. If you’re willing to spend that money, then I’ll give it to you.”

10 million gold coins was nothing to the Weapon Refining Sect.

But what kind of personage was he? Trying to take money from his hands, are you dreaming?

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