Chapter 43: Dongfang Shaoze's Revenge (2)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 43: Dongfang Shaoze's Revenge (2)

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“This.. I’m afraid this won’t be appropriate.” Old Man Gu finally realised why Dongfang Shaoze had come and was even more troubled. Back then, he was still angry at them, so he had not bothered to build memorial graves for them, let alone enshrine them in the ancestral shrine.

Gu Panpan could no longer continue watching, she spoke with a cold expression, “How is that wicked couple qualified to be enshrined with our ancestors? Our Gu family doesn’t have that sort of people in it! Scoundrels like them don’t even deserve the name Gu, especially that woman! A genius like Gu Tian fell to her seduction, and she even gave birth to a pair of bastard children! Now you dare to even mention giving them a place in the ancestral shrine?”

Gu Panpan had always been unhappy with Gu Ruoyun and her brother. Gu Shengxiao had stolen her older brother’s rightful place as the genius in the family and Gu Ruoyun had caused the entire Gu family to lose face. People like them should have died earlier! The heavens were truly blind.

“Panpan, shut up!”

Old Man Gu’s expression changed, as he hurriedly looked towards Dongfang Shaoze.

A smile hung at the corners of Dongfang Shaoze’s lips and he seemed to be completely unfazed. However, that pair of gentle eyes were now filled with chill as they gazed coldly at Gu Panpan.

“So this is how the Gu family educates their children. Gu Tian and his wife were her elders at the very least, and she was able to scold them so casually, it has really been an eye-opener for me.”

In fact, Dongfang Shaoze had known from the beginning that the Gu family had not built memorial graves for the couple.

His purpose for this visit was simple- to cause trouble! The Dongfang family did not allow him to interfere in this matter and there were the three great authorities restricting him, but there should be nothing wrong with coming to pay respects to his elder sister and brother-in-law right?

Since the Gu family had not even erected a memorial for his sister, being angry was entirelyhis right. Even the three great authorities would not be able to find fault in this matter.

“Gentleman Dongfang, don’t get angry. Panpan is still young, she doesn’t understand enough.” Old Man Gu wiped the cold sweat off his forehead as he explained embarrassedly.

Dongfang Shaoze scoffed: “Young? In my Dongfang family, even a ten year old girl knows how to respect her elders. I see that your granddaughter is at least fifteen or sixteen, yet she still doesn’t know how to respect her elders? On the way here, I had heard of how the Gu family was bullying the daughter left behind by Gu Tian and his wife and I didn’t believe it at first. No matter what, she is still a part of the Gu bloodline. Now seeing this miss scolding her own uncle, I finally realise that nothing is impossible with your family!”

“Gentleman Dongfang, it’s not like that, let me explain…”

“There’s no need for any explanation! Although Gu Shengxiao left to become a sect disciple, there’s still Gu Ruoyun. I want to see her intact and well in three days! If she’s missing even a single hair or if you refuse to hand her over to me, then don’t blame me for causing trouble!”

Leaving those words behind, Dongfang Shaoze threw his sleeves and left without a second look at the sweating Old Man Gu.

Yun’er, this is all Uncle can do for you…

“We’re done for, we’re really done for this time.”


Old Man Gu’s legs turned into jelly and he collapsed onto the floor, mumbling to himself unstoppably.

Gu Panpan thought he was just exaggerating and curled her lip: “Isn’t it just someone from the Dongfang family? Are they that powerful? Did he really need to humiliate us like that? He was so obviously on Gu Ruoyun’s side; anyone helping Gu Ruoyun is surely nothing good. He’ll surely be struck by lightning sooner or later!”

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