Chapter 42: Dongfang Shaoze's Revenge (1)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 42: Dongfang Shaoze's Revenge (1)

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Thus, Dongfang Yu had never talked about her origins after marrying into the Gu family. At that time, with Gu Tian, the peerless genius, protecting her, Old Man Gu did not dare to bully her at all…

Hearing this, Old Man Gu’s second son unconsciously lowered his head. He could never deny that he didn’t have anything to do with his older brother’s death…


It was at this time that a voice hurriedly carried in from outside; following that, a servant of the Gu family ran in. He was panting as he said: “Master, the young master of the Dongfang family is here for a visit.”

Dongfang family?

Old Man Gu was startled for a moment before he sat down with a swoosh, asking excitedly: “What did you say? The young master of the Dongfang family is here for a visit?”

Although the Dongfang family was not as powerful as the Weapon Refining Sect, they were close. Since Gu family had just offended the Weapon Refining Sect, if they managed to get the Dongfang family’s support, even the Weapon Refining Sect would need to think twice before taking action against them.

Furthermore, having a relationship with the Dongfang family would only bring him numerous benefits.

“Quickly, let him in.”

Old Man Gu quickly restrained his emotions and said with surprise.

Just as he had finished speaking, the sound of gentle laughter sounded from outside the door. When everyone raised their heads and looked over, they saw a man dressed in luxurious clothes enter lightly. He was holding a fan in his hands and had a warm, gentle smile on his handsome face.

“General Gu, I hope you won’t be offended by my sudden visit.”

Old Man Gu stood up quickly. His old face was blooming with a bright smile, his fawning air seemed as if he were anxious to make Dongfang Shaoze his own grandson.

“Gentleman Dongfang, we are greatly honoured by your visit. Do you have any business with us?”

“Oh~?” Dongfang Shaoze raised his brows lightly, deliberately dragging out the sound, before saying with some surprise, “The general doesn’t know the purpose of my visit?”


Old Man Gu was somewhat confused, he looked at Dongfang Shaoze in bewilderment, “This old man is indeed unclear of the purpose for your visit.”

“It’s like this,” Dongfang Shaoze raised the corner of his lips and opened his fan with a sweep of his hands, “This young master has long been a good friend of Gu Tian and his wife. However, I have not seen them for some time, when I was cultivating behind closed doors for many years. After finally coming out of closed door cultivation, I then heard that they had already passed away.”

Speaking up to here, Dongfang Shaoze shook his head regretfully.

He was not faking his regret, but was instead expressing the regret from within his heart. Towards Gu Tian and his own sister, he held nothing but admiration. It was a pity that those two geniuses of such caliber had fallen just like that…

“Back then, Yu-jie had even become my sworn elder sister, but as a younger brother, I didn’t even get to see them for the last time. I wonder if General Gu could take me to bid farewell to my sister?”

If it weren’t for those people watching the Dongfang family closely, then Dongfang Shaoze would have already made a giant fuss at the Gu family and would not have used the identity of a sworn brother to appear here…

However, he could finally call her jiejie in front of the Gu family, and it could be counted as returning his sister’s identity...

Old Man Gu froze for a moment, before belatedly saying: “Although they’ve already died, we weren’t able to find their corpses, so…”

“Even if there wasn’t a corpse, there should still be a memorial grave. Would you allow me to pay my respects there?”

General Gu’s expression turned ugly bit by bit, but he was unable to reply to Dongfang Shaoze’s words.

That bitch had actually become sworn siblings with the young master of the Dongfang family and had even hidden this fact. If he had known earlier that there was such a connection to the Dongfang family, how could the Gu family have fallen to such a level?

TL Note: -jie/jiejie = elder sister.

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