Chapter 40: Qianbei Ye Gets Jealous (2)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 40: Qianbei Ye Gets Jealous (2)

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“That was only one of the reasons why you won the Hundred Herb Hall. Another reason was that you are very capable.” The man smiled and rubbed Gu Ruoyun’s head, his eyes full of affection, “I don’t know how bad your life was at the Gu family, that you, a perfectly normal fifteen year old girl would actually become this mature and cold. It hurts my heart as a close friend of your parents.”

Dongfang Shaoze sighed helplessly, but the corner of his lips held a smile.

Elder Yu watched all of this from the side, feeling sad for his young master. He knew that young master had wanted to meet Gu Ruoyun for a very long time. However, he could not, as he had not wanted to endanger her by connecting her with the Dongfang family. Thus, for this reason, he had always avoided meeting her.

Even when they had finally met, he couldn’t acknowledge her as his niece…

“Hm? And this is?”

Suddenly, Dongfang Shaoze felt a ruthlessly fierce aura from behind Gu Ruoyun. He turned to look at the silver-haired man standing behind her. Upon meeting those blood-red pupils, his heart shook. How many people had he killed to have such heartless and bloodthirsty eyes? The anger exuding off that man’s body made Dongfang Shaoze’s body tense up.

“Oh, you mean him?” Gu Ruoyun glanced at Qianbei Ye, “I picked him up outside.”

Picked him up?

The corner of Dongfang Shaoze’s mouth twitched, did she think that this person was a stray cat or dog? Especially one that you could simply pick up off the street? Just now, Dongfang Shaoze had experienced how quickly someone could change their expression.

The moment that Gu Ruoyun had turned around, the man that had looked at him unhappily, had immediately switched to an aggrieved expression. His expression made it seem as if someone had bullied him…

“Young Master Dongfang, surely you won’t mind arranging two rooms for us?”

Gu Ruoyun’s words brought Dongfang Shaoze back to his senses. He shook his head and smiled: “You’re the owner of the Hundred Herb Hall from now on, this place is your territory. If you want to arrange for rooms, then you can do it yourself. I came to Azure Dragon Country this time because I heard that you would come out of the Heavenly Spirit Formation today. I’ll be leaving again after two days, but I’ll leave Elder Yu behind to help you.”

“Okay,” Gu Ruoyun nodded, “Xiao Ye, let’s go.”

Qianbei Ye glanced at Dongfang Shaoze once more before turning to follow Gu Ruoyun out of the inner hall.

The moment they disappeared, Dongfang Shaoze’s expression sunk bit by bit.

“Elder Yu, investigate that man’s identity for me!”

“Young master?” Surprise flashed through his eyes, “Is there a problem with that man? I can’t feel any spiritual power coming from his body.”

Dongfang Shaoze sneered: “I have a feeling that that man is very strong. Even my father wouldn’t be his match!”


Elder Yu widened his eyes in shock, even the master wasn’t his match? The master was already a martial king, if even the master couldn’t beat him, then how strong was that man?

“I want to know why this man has appeared by Yun’er’s side! I will never let anyone harm my sister’s flesh and blood, whether it be this man, or the Gu family!”

He had no knowledge of Gu Ruoyun getting beaten to death by Old Man Gu until it was too late. Otherwise, he would not have allowed his sister’s child to be killed.

“I don’t want to help Yun’er grow, as I want to see her true power. However, that doesn’t mean that I’ll allow others to do as they will! Especially everything that happened in the imperial palace today! The Gu family… can’t be touched for now, but we can go and create some trouble for them. Elder Yu, help me prepare everything, I’m going to visit the Gu family!”

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