Chapter 35: Shameless Weapon Refining Sect (4)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 35: Shameless Weapon Refining Sect (4)

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The man's appearance, devilishly charming and otherworldly, was simply unforgettable, especially that flame between his brows.

He was currently sporting an expression of grievance, he looked at Gu Ruoyun pitifully: “I don’t want to be alone, so please don’t abandon me, okay?”


Everyone was shocked, was this man an idiot? Or was he the type of person who was immature for his age?

It was really a waste of such a beautiful face.

Thinking of this, everyone shook their heads in regret.

The man's stunning appearance had made such an impact on all of those present, that they seemed to have forgotten all about the formation exploding as he stepped out of it.

“I already said, don’t follow me.” Gu Ruoyun touched her forehead helplessly, did she just get a little stalker?

“But, I don’t know who I am, and I’ve already forgotten where I come from, so I want to follow you. If you don’t like me calling you wife, then I don’t have to call you that, please don’t leave me behind, okay?”

The man’s gaze was full of grievance, his gaze was like that of a little pet being abandoned by its owner, while Gu Ruoyun was the cruel master.

Gu Panpan had been jealous of Gu Ruoyun for knowing such an exceedingly handsome man at first, but after hearing him speak, she couldn’t help but laugh: “Haha, Gu Ruoyun, I was still wondering how such a good-looking man could have anything to do with you. So it was just an idiot who doesn’t even know his own name. Only an idiot would fancy a good-for-nothing like you!”

Actually, Gu Panpan was still jealous of Gu Ruoyun in her heart.

Even if this man was an idiot, his looks were perfect, and for some reason, she felt pressured even while just glancing at the man.

All eyes were on Gu Ruoyun and the silver-haired man, so no one has noticed Shiyun’s expression changing.

How could it be him…

This man, was actually the man who had been appearing in her dreams from long ago.

She had thought that the dreams were mere fantasies, but now, the man from her dreams was standing right in front of her. However, the entire time, he had never even taken a single look at her, and was acting spoiled towards another woman…

Jealousy gripped her heart tightly; she had the impulse to rush up to him and tell him that it was her who was destined for him.

However, Shiyun was the Weapon Refining Sect’s eldest miss after all, no matter how strong the impulse was, she tampered it down.

She took a deep breath, and recovered her normal expression: “I must have that man!”

Since she had been dreaming of him since she was little, that proved that they were a fated pair, so at the end, this man could only be hers. As for anyone else, they were only minor obstacles on their road to love, they were destined not to live for long, their only use would be to strengthen the feelings between them…

Thinking up to now, Shiyun gazed at Gu Ruoyun with hidden meaning.

“Gu Ruoyun, who is this man?” Old Man Gu’s expression changed, as he asked heavily, “Who permitted you to go out and make all these motley friends? My Gu family does not allow just anyone to enter! If you don’t sever all relations with him, my Gu family will chase you out the door!”

Gu Ruoyun raised her lips: “Sorry, I don’t need you to expel me. From now on, I have decided to leave the Gu family.”

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