Chapter 229 - 279

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 229 - 279

  • Gu Ruoyun, Pang Ran and the Fifth Prince save the emperor and the empress from a plot by the Imperial Adviser, Lin Yue, and the Imperial Concubine Lin
  • Gu Ruoyun showed off Baobao, Tianqiong and Yunyao
  • When Gu Ruoyun summoned Baobao, the snow wolf
  • Pang Ran: Why does such a cool summon have such a cute name…
  • Apparently Baobao rejected the name but Gu Ruoyun forced it on her (poor Baobao)
  • Lin Yue and Imperial Concubine Lin were killed

  • At the Xia Family Estate, the Xia Family Head kneels before a spiritual beast with a turtle shell on its back and the head of a snake: the Black Tortoise, Lingxiao
  • Lingxiao has been protecting the Xia Family for thousands of years in return for the Xia Family searching for two people
  • However, no one knows who they’re looking for (GJ Lingxiao)
  • Xia Family Head reports rumours of the master of Hundred Herb Hall summoning an azure dragon and a white tiger
  • Lingxiao orders him to look for them

  • In another part of the Xia Family Estate, Xia Linyu’s second uncle, Xia Qi, is plotting to kill Gu Ruoyun before Xia Linyu finds her
  • Plans to push blame for Gu Ruoyun’s death onto Xia Linyu

  • The Third Prince, son of Imperial Concubine Lin, plots to kill Gu Ruoyun
  • He looks for the Xia Family and collaborates with the middle-aged man, Second Master of the Xia Family, Xia Qi

  • That mysterious masked man appears again, with Zuo Shangchen next to him (pfft, we all know who this mysterious man is ;P)
  • Mysterious Man: It’s not time to meet her yet, my enemies can’t find out that I’m no longer closed door cultivating in that mountain
  • Mysterious Man: Thanks for protecting her, bro
  • Zuo Shangchen: You saved me. Protecting her is my responsibility.

  • Pang Zihuang sends The Xia Family Head a Longevity Pill

  • Pang Zihuang, Pang Ran, Gu Ruoyun go head-to-head with Third Prince Pang Fei and Elder Zhao, sent by Second Master Xia
  • Elder Zhao, peak of martial king, VS Baobao, who just broke through to mid of martial king
  • Xia Family Head cuts in and saves Gu Ruoyun, and tries to get her to marry his grandson
  • However, his grandson is Xia Linyu, so Gu Ruoyun refuses

  • Gu Ruoyun goes to the Xia Family and meets Xia Linyu’s sick uncle

  • Rumours that Gu Ruoyun has been killed by the Xia Family spread to Azure Dragon Country
  • Hundred Herb Hall hears of the rumours
  • Xia Linyu coincidentally asks for Gu Ruoyun at Hundred Herb Hall
  • Elder Yu and Shopkeeper Zhao want to chase him away
  • Xia Fan, who works for Xia Linyu’s second uncle, Xia Qi, comes to meet Elder Yu
  • Claims that Gu Ruoyun was killed by Xia Linyu’s father, Xia Zixi
  • Wei Yiyi exposes the fact that he’s working for the second uncle instead
  • Elder Yu and Shopkeeper Zhao want to take revenge for Gu Ruoyun, but Wei Yiyi stops them, explaining that she just received a letter from Gu Ruoyun, telling her that she’s about to treat someone from the Xia family
  • Wei Yiyi heads towards the Xia family to help Gu Ruoyun
  • Xia Fan plans to impersonate someone from Hundred Herb Hall and kill Xia Linyu

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