Chapter 227: A Familiar Figure (3)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 227: A Familiar Figure (3)

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How could she have missed noticing that trace of hidden tolerance underneath his playboy appearance? He was like a sword sheathed in a boorish scabbard! Gu Ruoyun could see it as clear as day. If Pang Ran was to become emperor, then he definitely needed a strong assistant by his side.

The fifth prince was a good candidate for that!

However, Pang Ran felt that it was a little farfetched. He rubbed his head and, puzzled, asked: “You said that Fifth Brother is the one who’s the most well-hidden? Why would he need to do that? If he has any troubles, couldn’t he just tell Father? Why would he need to become an arrogant and bossy person?”

This fatty… was really naive!

Gu Ruoyun shook her head. Even though Pang Ran had hidden talents in ruling a country, if he didn’t have someone to make up for his faults, then he would probably end up getting sold off as a slave and helping his own seller count his earnings to boot!

“Pang Ran, shouldn’t you know about the internal feuds in the palace by now? If the fifth prince didn’t conceal himself, he would probably end up like the rest of your brothers. The reasons the two of you are still alive is because one of you is a natural born good-for-nothing who gave up on himself, and the other is an arrogant playboy who can’t bear to leave the brothels. Think about it: since the two of you are not outstanding in the least, who else could the crown prince’s seat belong to?”

“Third Brother?” Pang Ran’s expression alternated between stormy and pale. He ground his teeth together, his voice beginning to tremble as he said, “Are you telling me that the deaths of my brothers… had something to do with Third Brother and Imperial Concubine Lin?”

At least this fellow wasn’t completely silly. He had managed to understand the meaning behind Gu Ruoyun’s words in an instant. A well of rage instantly filled to the brim within his chest, overflowing into each and every one of his words: “Although I’ve never seen my eldest brother, he was my full brother and my mother’s son. Before I was born, he contracted an incurable disease and passed away. However, I will never forget the many nights my mother hugged my older brother’s sword and cried! And the many nights my father would sigh as he watched my mournful mother! My eldest brother’s death became the sorrow of my mother’s life! I’ll never forgive anyone who makes my mother cry!”

This time, Pang Ran was completely enraged. If those people had only touched him, he wouldn’t be so angry. However, those people had actually caused his eldest brother’s death. Although he didn’t hold much feeling towards the brother he had never met, he couldn’t turn a blind eye to his mother’s sadness and depression.

Anyone who made his mother sad deserved a painful death!

“Relax, I’ll help you.” Gu Ruoyun patted Pang Ran on the shoulder, a resolute expression on her delicate features.

For some reason, when he looked upon the young woman’s confident stance, Pang Ran started to trust her from the bottom of his heart.

It was as if there wasn’t anything she couldn’t do! As long as she was here, any plots would immediately vanish into thin air.

“Let’s go.”

She withdrew her hand and rolled her shoulders with an easy smile on her lips.

Pang Ran blinked and stared for a moment. When his senses finally caught up, he hurried to chase after Gu Ruoyun, who was walking towards the courtyard entrance, afraid that she would leave him behind.


“Yu-gege, wait for me.”

On the busy streets, a dainty figure chased after the youth in front of her with some haste. Her flushed cheeks were full of grievance and dissatisfaction; she finally gritted her teeth and sped up further to match his pace.

“Yu-gege, didn’t we come out to look for the Godly Doctor for Uncle Xia? Why are you suddenly heading towards Azure Dragon Country?”

Luo Li couldn’t understand him. Yu-gege had always been sickly since he was young, and the doctors had predicted that he wouldn’t live past fifteen years of age. However, just four years ago, that frail youth, who had needed someone to support him just to walk, had miraculously recovered. Not only that, he had risen through the cultivation ranks at a godly speed with exceptional innate talent. He had become the top person amongst the younger generation in Heaven City in a single bound.

However, ever since he had recovered... Even though she had known Yu-gege for so long, she could no longer understand him.

There were countless mysteries hidden beneath the exterior of that elegant, experienced,  handsome youth, unconsciously drawing people to him like moths to a flame...

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