Chapter 226: A Familiar Figure (2)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 226: A Familiar Figure (2)

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At the Sixth Prince’s Estate.

When Gu Ruoyun spotted that familiar figure sprinting towards her from afar, the corners of her mouth curled up into a faint smile.

“You’re back? How did it go? Is your father satisfied with your change?”

Upon hearing this, Pang Ran was full of grievance. He complained: “Don’t talk about it, I’ll just get more angry! I’m starting to suspect that I’m not really his son. He couldn’t even recognise me, his own flesh and blood! I couldn’t even get a word out before he started beating me up. Damn it, it hurt so bad. I really don’t know how he got such a temper recently.”

Gu Ruoyun raised a brow and the smile on her face became even more pronounced.

The fatty had been 250kg previously. Now he was a middling genius and the fat on his body had completely disappeared. It would have been stranger if Pang Zihuang had been able to recognise him.

“Oh yeah,” Pang Ran seemed to have recalled something, “I’ve already told my father about you and he wants to see you. However, be careful when you meet him. That old fellow has always been vulgar; he’s not a good person at all.”

It was clear that Pang Ran was extremely dissatisfied towards his own father.

Upon mentioning that fellow, he would feel a phantom pain in his butt and the urge to hide as far away as he could.

If Pang Zihuang heard Pang Ran’s words, he would likely even have the impulse to strangle his son.

Old fellow? Vulgar?

Was that the way he should be addressing his father? He was the emperor of a nation at the very least, but his son never left a shred of dignity for him.

“We’ll enter the palace in a bit. In addition, Pang Ran, I want to ask you something: do you want to be the emperor?”

Gu Ruoyun’s eyes shone as she looked at Pang Ran. A strange light flashed through her eyes, so quickly that no one noticed.

Pang Ran shook his head without even thinking about it. “Emperor? Sorry, I don’t even want to be the sixth prince, why would I want to be the emperor?”

“But…” Gu Ruoyun paused deliberately before she continued, a sparkle in her eyes, “The emperor gets to eat all the meat he wants.”


Pang Ran’s eyes widened in shock as an indignant expression crept over his face: “Who’s the one who wouldn’t let me be emperor just now? I’ll fight anyone who won’t let me become the emperor! That throne is mine! No one else is allowed to take it!”

It was probably only this natural airhead Pang Ran who would dare to say something like this in the entire Black Tortoise Country. If anyone had overheard what he’d just said, Pang Ran would definitely end up getting charged with the capital offense of attempting to overthrow the emperor.

“Pang Ran, as long as you want to become the emperor, I can help you get the attention of the Xia Family. However, you lack an assistant by your side.”

Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun thought of that person she had glimpsed in the restaurant, the one who had seemed to be indulging in complete debauchery. A hidden glint passed through her gaze.

“An assistant? Who?” Pang Ran watched her dazedly, suspicious.

“The fifth prince.”

When she spoke those three words, Pang Ran stilled. It was obvious that he’d been rooted to the spot in shock.

That was to be expected. After all, the fifth prince had always been at loggerheads with him. Their relationship was so bad that the fifth prince was even one of his bullies, chasing after him to beat him up. Pang Ran had suffered under that brat’s fists quite often over the years.

“Goddess, are you joking with me? How could he be my assistant? My fifth brother might have some talent… Though of course, he can’t be compared to you, Goddess.” While speaking, Pang Ran didn’t forget to fawn over her, “But he has a terrible personality. I like to eat and drink, he likes to play around. He practically lives in the brothel. In addition, he’s an arrogant and spoilt brat. How could someone like him become my assistant?”

Gu Ruoyun cast him a sideways glance. “Do you think that everyone’s like you? When I first saw him, I already noticed his innate character. He’s probably the one who’s concealed himself the best amongst all of you!”

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