Chapter 225: A Familiar Figure (1)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 225: A Familiar Figure (1)

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“Father, I’m heading off to go invite my Goddess now. However, please don’t show that kind of vulgar expression to her when she arrives. Even I wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to run away from that.”

Pang Ran rolled his eyes, showing his disdain towards his father without any restraint.

However, after he finished speaking, he immediately turned around and ran away without a single bit of hesitation.

As expected, three seconds later, a roar of rage burst forth from behind him: “You little brat! Who are you calling vulgar?! If you have the guts, then stand still for this old man!”

Pang Zihuang was so enraged that he had even brought out the words ‘old man’, completely unbefitting of his image as an emperor. Of course, Pang Ran simply ran even faster upon hearing that.

Stand still? He wasn’t stupid, his butt was going to be at stake here if he didn’t run!

“You little brat, I’m the emperor of a nation at the very least! You didn’t even leave a single shred of dignity for me!” Pang Zihuang was on the verge of stomping his foot out of frustration. That little brat had actually called him vulgar? How was he vulgar in any way? And even if he was, that little brat was probably a thousand times more vulgar than he could ever be!

He swore that if he caught his son, he would give him a sound spanking! And he would quit being the emperor, to boot!

No one was going to change his mind!


Within the Imperial Adviser’s Estate, Lin Yue was currently listening to a report from his subordinate. The news was enough to make him clench his fists, just the barest glimpse of cold light flashing through the tiny slits of his narrowed eyes.

“You said that that damn fatty has come back?”

He would never forget the humiliation he had suffered three months ago in that restaurant.

In full view of the public, that damn fatty had actually sat on him, and he’d even placed his asshole right on top of his face! Just thinking about it… Lin Yue had the urge to tear that fatty to bits.

That was a humiliation he had never in his entire life suffered before!

“Reporting to the Imperial Adviser, Sixth Prince has successfully lost weight and has even brought the master of Hundred Herb Hall with him. This is the information this subordinate has gathered after bribing the guards outside the imperial study.”

Below him, his bodyguard bowed his head as he awaited Lin Yue’s next orders.

“Hundred Herb Hall?” Lin Yue’s mouth curled up into a sneer full of mocking, “Although that fatty was able to slim down somehow, it’s not possible for him to have made connections with Hundred Herb Hall! Hundred Herb Hall occupies a high position on this mainland. Even though I’ve never seen their master before, she’s a genius who’s managed to shock the entire four countries! It’s only natural that she’s haughty and proud. That damn fatty is nothing exceptional; how could the real master take a liking to him? As for that girl the fatty brought back, she’s most likely a fake he picked up somewhere and intended to use to appease His Majesty! No matter what, I can’t let His Majesty suffer this deception!”

A vicious glint flashed through Lin Yue’s eyes and his sneer grew even more pronounced.

He really didn’t know what fit that fatty was suffering. He had always been self-denigrating, but now he actually knew how to win His Majesty’s favour? However, no matter how much His Majesty liked him, he could never be a candidate to the throne.

That was because the only ones who could decide the right of succession in Black Tortoise Country were the Xia Family! That damn fatty was only a good-for-nothing; the Xia Family couldn’t possibly consider him a candidate for the throne.  

This was what he and his younger sister, Imperial Concubine Lin, had achieved! Of course, he was still the most important factor in this ploy. If he hadn’t predicted that the fatty would come to nothing in the future, then that fatty wouldn’t have given up on himself so easily. And although he had somehow recently regained his spirit and had started to work hard for his future again, he had already neglected himself for over twenty years. What a pity. No matter how hard that fatty worked from now on, he’d still never amount to anything.

The fifth prince was also trash; arrogant and despotic, looking down on everyone, he couldn’t possibly match up to the third prince!

However, if the fifth prince hadn’t turned out that way, he would have ended up like the first, second, and fourth princes: dying a mysterious death!

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