Chapter 224: The Good-for-Nothing Prince (8)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 224: The Good-for-Nothing Prince (8)

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“Pang Ran, where have you been these three months? How did you turn into… this?”

Pang Zihuang looked Pang Ran up and down with a measuring gaze, asking with doubt in his tone.

He needed some time to process what his eyes were showing him! The very thing he had been hoping for day and night had finally come true, so it was hard for him to believe what had happened. This damn fatty had actually successfully lost weight in these past three months?

Heavens, give him some time to be emotional over this change!

“Boo hoo, Father, I did this all for you. Do you know how much I suffered over these three months? For the sake of buying a Longevity Pill for you, I ran all the way to Azure Dragon Country from Black Tortoise Country. I even had to put in tremendous effort to finally get a Longevity Pill! That long journey there and back, plus the mental pressure I was facing, caused me to lose this much weight!”

Pang Ran cried until his face was covered in tears and snot. He concocted an entire story of how hard he had worked in these three months and the price he had paid in order to get the Longevity Pill and told it line by line. To sum it up, the general story was that Pang Ran had gone through all that suffering because he loved his father; there was no one in this world who was a more filial son than he was.

Pang Zihuang was successfully duped and started crying warm tears as well. “What a good child, you deserve to be called my good son. If only your third and fifth brothers were as thoughtful as you are, then I would be able to rest easy. Oh yes, where are you keeping the Longevity Pill? Take it out and let me have a look.”

After saying this, his gaze was fixed onto Pang Ran, and even his breathing had quickened.

Even though he was in Black Tortoise Country, he had long heard of Hundred Herb Hall’s fame. He hadn’t thought that he would somehow be so lucky as to get a Longevity Pill. How could he not be excited?

Pang Ran smiled sheepishly and took out a box from within his sleeves. His eyes swivelled about a little before he said: “Father, the Longevity Pill is here. However, there’s something important I have to tell you. I put in all my effort and managed to invite the master of Hundred Herb Hall, the shifu of that renowned Ghost Doctor, over here. I asked her to look at Father’s body.”

Goddess had asked him to think of a way to recommend her to his father. This method would probably work. Anyway, he had completed his task. She would have to settle the rest herself…


Shock took over Pang Zihuang’s expression and he gripped Pang Ran’s shoulders tightly, undisguised joy on his face.

“Did you say, the master of Hundred Herb Hall? The shifu of the Ghost Doctor? That genius who refined the Longevity Pill? Where is she now? Quickly! Go and invite her here! No, wait, I should go personally to invite such a great personage. Servants! Help me prepare!”

Looking at how his normally imposing father was currently running around like a headless chicken, Pang Ran could only roll his eyes and give a kowtow towards Gu Ruoyun in his heart.

He really didn’t know when he would be able to become someone as cool as her. Even though she wasn’t an emperor, she could make any emperor fight for an audience with her…

“Father, she’s in my Sixth Prince’s Estate right now. If you bring a bunch of people and charge over, wouldn’t it come off as a rude gesture? I’ll go and bring her into the palace now. However, it wasn’t easy for me to invite her here, Father, don’t let anyone else scare her away.”

“Of course, of course.”

Pang Zihuang was so excited that his entire face was flushed red. If he could make connections with Hundred Herb Hall somehow, he might even have the chance to buy even more precious pills in the future, let alone the Longevity Pill.

That’s right, Pang Zihuang was only hoping for the chance to buy a pill!

Right now, a single place to buy a pill from Hundred Herb Hall was being sold at sky-high prices on the mainland. Many people didn’t even have any chance to buy a single pill.

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