Chapter 221: The Good-for-Nothing Prince (5)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 221: The Good-for-Nothing Prince (5)

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In Black Tortoise Country, when princes came of age, they had to leave the palace and establish their own estates.

At this moment, within the Sixth Prince’s Estate, Gu Ruoyun ordered some servants to draw up a hot bath. She then threw some Chinese medicinal herbs into the bathtub before turning to the fatty and instructing him: “Soak in the bath in a little while. You have to soak for a full three hours before you come out of there. I’m telling you first, these herbs have a strong nature, but they’ll be able to expel the toxins in your body. I have to help you clear out the poison in your system first, before decomposing the fats! If you can’t bear with it, think of how you’ve been treated all these years, or you can think of your beloved meat. You should be able to hold on like that…”

After she finished speaking, without giving the Sixth Prince the chance to speak, she walked right out of the room.

Just as she closed the door, she heard an anguished wail, as if a pig was being killed.

Outside the door, a group of servant girls were gathered and talking about something. When they looked towards that tightly shut door, their eyes all carried a murky expression.

They clearly didn’t know what their master was trying to do…

Each wail was louder than the last, and it continued on for three hours. Everyone in the entire estate was in a state of anxiety. It wasn’t until after the three hour mark had passed that the sharp wails finally died down and the Sixth Prince’s Estate recovered its calm…

However, when the servants entered to clean up the bathtub that had been used, they almost fainted from the stink. The originally green liquid was now extremely muddy and gave off a horrible stench. Even Gu Ruoyun probably wouldn’t have expected to see this much poison in Pang Ran’s body…

“Goddess, what kind of medicinal bath was that? You almost killed me right there.”

The moment Pang Ran ran into the courtyard, he immediately spotted Gu Ruoyun, who was admiring the trees and flowers. He hurriedly ran to her side and complained.

If not for the refreshing feeling suffusing his entire body right now, he might have started to suspect that the goddess had tricked him.

“Fatty, give cultivating a try now.”

The corners of Gu Ruoyun’s lips curved slightly as she spoke in a calm tone.

“Goddess, what are you saying? I, Pang Ran, am a complete good-for-nothing. Something like cultivation has nothing to do with me.” Pang Ran chuckled. He had tried to cultivate before, but the spiritual qi in his meridians had been completely blocked. No matter how hard he tried to break through, his meridians wouldn’t open, so he had given up eventually.

Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun smiled lightly: “Try it first.”

“Alright, since Goddess doesn’t believe it, I’ll try it to show you.”

After he finished speaking, Pang Ran sat down on the floor and started absorbing the spiritual qi in the surroundings. He had been mentally prepared for failure, since this wasn’t the first time. However, when the spiritual qi he had brought into his body arrived at the spot that was previously blocked, it unexpectedly… unexpectedly went through?

Pang Ran blinked. What… what was going on? Wasn’t he a good-for-nothing? This was what the Imperial Adviser had predicted, and the Imperial Adviser had even said that he would end up without any skills at all. In the end, his predictions had come true. But what was going on now?

It was clear that Gu Ruoyun had seen through the doubts in Pang Ran’s heart. She calmly explained: “You’re not a natural-born good-for-nothing. As for why you weren’t able to cultivate previously, it was because you had been poisoned while you were in your mother’s womb, causing your meridians to get blocked. This was also the reason why you couldn’t absorb spiritual qi! I just helped you purge all the poison in your body, so now you can cultivate like a normal person.”

Pang Ran’s mind took a while to wrap around this bit of information. After a few minutes, when he had finished digesting Gu Ruoyun’s words, rage burst forth from his heart!

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