Chapter 219: The Good-for-Nothing Prince (3)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 219: The Good-for-Nothing Prince (3)

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In the time it took for him to say that, another pig trotter had already made its way into Pang Ran’s stomach. He wiped his oily mouth and finally burped. While groaning, he said: “Ah, I’m full. I haven’t had such a satisfying meal in so long! Actually, getting beaten up is fine with me. The most painful thing was getting forced to eat vegetables every day by Father! Those green things aren’t tasty at all, I was so disgusted.”

Sweatdrops gathered on Gu Ruoyun’s head. She was completely speechless thanks to this good-for-nothing prince. Of course, what made her even more speechless was that strange father of his, the emperor.


It was at this moment that the door to their private room in the restaurant was kicked open and a domineering voice resounded.

“Pang Ran, come out here for this prince immediately!”


Pang Ran was so frightened that he threw the bones in his hands away and quickly buried himself under the table. However, his body couldn’t fit under the table at all, and he ended up flipping the entire table instead.

Meanwhile, the bones that he had unconsciously thrown ended up flying in the direction of the richly dressed young man standing at the entrance of the room. With a bang, the bones landed on his face and slowly slid down to the floor.

Upon smelling that oil on his face, the richly dressed young man could only feel his gut churning as he tried hard to keep everything he had eaten over the past few days down. With an ashen face, he gritted his teeth and shouted, “Pang Ran, you little good-for-nothing! Today, as your older brother, I’m going to teach you how to respect your elders! Lin Luo is my subordinate. You actually dared to make him faint, so you have to bear the consequences!”

Gu Ruoyun calmly cast him a sideways glance and used her chopsticks to pick up a small piece of bone. While he was speaking, she tossed it into his mouth with a swoosh.

The young man didn’t close his mouth in time and that piece of bone flew right inside. A wave of nausea rose up from his stomach and he couldn’t bear it any longer: he ran to a corner and puked.

That piece of bone was something that fatty Pang Ran had gnawed on and spat out; it was too disgusting! Even more disgusting than kissing him directly!

“Your mouth is too dry.”

Gu Ruoyun tossed an unperturbed glance at him, treating him coolly.

“You… Just wait for me! You stupid girl! You’ll suffer the consequences for helping this damn fatty!”

The richly dressed young man’s face turned even more ashen. He glared fiercely at the two of them before running out.

He couldn’t take it any longer, he had to clear out his stomach…

Within the room, Pang Ran got up from the floor and looked at Gu Ruoyun with a face full of worship: “Goddess, you’re too cool! Especially that last sentence, you’re too awesome!!”

“Could you call me something else?” The corner of Gu Ruoyun’s mouth twitched as she spoke helplessly.

“No way!”

Pang Ran shook his head decisively on this matter. “You’re the goddess sent to me by the heavens to save me. I’ve already decided. From now on, I, Pang Ran, will follow you! Why would I want to be some shitty Sixth Prince? I don’t care about that title at all, it’s not like I’ll get to eat any meat! I’ll only be able to eat meat if I follow the goddess!”

He hadn’t wanted to be the Sixth Prince for a long time. There wasn’t any meat to eat, and he still had to suffer beatings. Anyone who wanted the position could have it; he didn’t care about it at all.

Looking at the longing on Pang Ran’s face, Gu Ruoyun’s eyes sparkled as she asked: “Fatty, do you want to lose weight?”

“I’m willing to lose weight if I can still eat meat. Meat is life! If I don’t have any life left in me, what’s the use of losing weight?”

Pang Ran pouted as he spoke.

“I can help you lose weight, but it’s up to you to see if you’re willing to work at it.”

Gu Ruoyun smiled as she watched Pang Ran. This time, she had a reason for helping him out. Since the people of Heaven City could decide the imperial successor to Black Tortoise Country, then Pang Ran would surely attract their attention if he displayed outstanding qualities. She might even get the chance to contact the people from Heaven City and get the entry token to Heaven City if she helped Pang Ran...

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