Chapter 212: The Dongfang Family's Call for Help (2)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 212: The Dongfang Family's Call for Help (2)

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Old Man Gu stared. What did Young Master Dongfang mean by that? Back then, he had ordered them to find Gu Ruoyun and had threatened to massacre the Gu Family if they failed. Was he saying that… he had done all that to help Gu Ruoyun vent some of her anger on them? No wonder the door had always been shut in their faces when they tried to invite Gu Ruoyun out of Hundred Herb Hall! So Dongfang Shaoze had done all of that on purpose!

“Why? Why did you do that? Even if you were friends with Liu Yu, she’s already been dead for so long. Why did you help Gu Ruoyun like that?”

“Do you really want to know?”

Dongfang Shaoze drew closer to Old Man Gu, a profound smile on his handsome face. He let out a peal of gentle laughter before, with an extremely mild tone, he said, “It’s simple. It’s because Liu Yu’s surname… was Dongfang!”


It was as if an explosion had gone off in Old Man Gu’s head; his mind crashed with no chance of recovery.

Liu Yu’s surname was Dongfang, what… what did he mean?

“Her surname was Dongfang, and she was part of the Dongfang Family. She was the treasure of my family… and my older sister!”

Dongfang Shaoze’s smile disappeared bit by bit. His black eyes were fixed on the group of people before him as he spoke calmly and slowly.

“Liu Yu’s real name was Dongfang Yu? She was someone from the Dongfang Family? No, it can’t be! That’s impossible!”

Old Man Gu began to retreat bit by bit, his body moving on its own as he succumbed to shock. He shook his head back and forth, the little remaining color in his wrinkled, old face draining fast. “Why didn’t she ever mention it?”

Back then, he had looked down on Dongfang Yu and hadn’t wanted her as a daughter-in-law because she had a lowly status and no one knew where she had come from. If not for Gu Tian protecting her, he absolutely wouldn’t have let that woman, who didn’t bring any benefits with her, marry into the Gu Family.

Who could have expected that the Liu Yu he had so disdained would turn out to be someone from the Dongfang Family!

“How could my sister have mentioned it? She knew what your Gu Family was like. She would have rather been scorned by all of you than to have had you burdening the Dongfang Family!”

Whenever he thought of his sister’s death, Dongfang Shaoze’s heart would hurt. The gaze he cast upon the Gu Family was filled with murderous intent.

“So you said that she didn’t have any merits?” He turned to look at the trembling Second Madam Gu and smiled once again. “She was the treasure of the Dongfang Family and she had the best education one could have since she was young. Her natural talents weren’t inferior to Gu Tian’s, but she was willing to conceal her gifts so she could stay with him. She had a beauty that could cause the downfall of nations, and everyone doted terribly on her. However, she never grew arrogant from all the attention and was never cowardly. My sister was brave! She was the greatest woman in the world!

“On this earth, Gu Tian was the only one who could match her! As for you, not only did you eye Gu Tian, you were delusional enough to think that you could be compared. Did you really think you could even hold a candle to her?”

Second Madam Gu bit her lip and remained silent.

She had been jealous of Dongfang Yu, jealous to the point of madness! So, she had helped cause the deaths of Dongfang Yu and Gu Tian. However, she could never have imagined, never have foreseen, that the lowly woman in her eyes would turn out to be the eldest miss of the Dongfang Family… Or that her talents were comparable to Gu Tian’s…

How could that seductress have been that outstanding?

“Alright, I’ve already told you what you should know. Now it’s time for us to settle our debts.” The corners of Dongfang Shaoze’s lips lifted. “Gu Tian is already dead, so I have no way to settle my debt with him. It’s up to you guys to take on the debt in his place! I’m going to make the Gu Family disappear from the face of this earth!”

Although the Three Great Authorities didn’t allow them to interfere with the lives of ordinary people, there wasn’t anyone else here apart from some dead men walking. Who would even know that he had been the one to kill them?

He had restrained himself for so many years. It was finally time to take revenge for his sister and her husband...

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