Chapter 211: The Dongfang Family's Call for Help (1)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 211: The Dongfang Family's Call for Help (1)

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Compared to the storm that they had weathered when Gu Tian had died, this time, the events that had happened at the Gu Estate cast the Gu Family into the heart of a calamity.

A few days ago, a group of people had reportedly charged into the Gu Estate and taken Gu Panpan away. No one knew if she was dead or alive, but regardless, she probably wasn’t in a very good situation right now. Gu Qing, the murderer who had caused the deaths of Gu Tian and his wife, had been personally killed by Old Man Gu, and it was rumoured that he had died in agonising pain. Not a single person sympathised with him; he had only himself to blame for his own downfall. However, the fact that Old Man Gu had been the one to end him sent chills down the spines of many.

That old fellow was heartless, even to his own kin.

Currently within the Gu Estate, Second Madam Gu was curled up into a ball, trembling as she watched the white-haired Old Man Gu in terror.

Although Gu Xianglin hated Gu Qing to the bone, he still had a soft spot for his mother. When Old Man Gu had attempted to kill Second Madam Gu, he had held the old man back.

“Grandfather, we’re already in such dire circumstances. We should discuss what we should do next,” Gu Xianglin said, his brows furrowed together.

Old Man Gu shut his eyes, clearly fatigued. He knew Gu Xianglin was trying, but at this point...

He was tired. He was really tired. These past few days had aged him a decade each. He had changed from a man brimming with vigour into a dispirited shell…

“What should we do next, you ask? What can we do? The tenth prince has already ascended to the throne with Elder Yu’s support. Most of our supporters are already gone, and we’re probably going to be next....”

He understood Gu Ruoyun’s personality very well. She would never let him off!

As grandfather and grandson were talking, a sound of gentle laughter came from outside. “I’ve finally returned after three years. It seems like a lot has changed in Azure Dragon Country. General Gu- ah, no, you’re no longer a general. I wonder if you’ve made any progress on the task I’ve given you.”

Old Man Gu froze on the spot. In the time it took for him to raise his head, a man dressed in brocade robes had already walked in, his form framed by the bright sunlight coming through the doorway.

That man could be described in four words: as mild as jade! The combination of his natural beauty and gentle temperament softened hearts and eased minds. It was impossible to hold any suspicion or ill will towards him. However, upon seeing that jade-like face, Old Man Gu’s expression changed for the worse.

“Dongfang Shaoze!”

The man who had made him look for Gu Ruoyun three years ago, Dongfang Shaoze, had finally returned!

Furthermore, it was clear that he hadn’t come bearing good intentions!

“I’ve already heard of the recent events on the way here.” The man flipped open his fan and smiled as if he were discussing the weather. “So the deaths of Gu Tian and his wife were caused by your Gu Family?”

As he spoke, Dongfang Shaoze’s gaze shifted to Second Madam Gu, whose countenance was rapidly turning pale.

Second Madam Gu gritted her teeth and said, “Who allowed that bitch to seduce Gu Tian?! I really wonder how an unparalleled hero like Gu Tian could love a foxy woman like her! That woman was completely shameless!”

She was going to end up dead anyway, so why hold back the rage and dissatisfaction in her heart?

From her point of view, Liu Yu had no other merits other than being extremely lucky! Gu Tian had to have really bad judgement to have chosen a woman like her.

Dongfang Shaoze’s calm gaze flickered. Then, he smiled, cold eyes pinning the fat woman in place. “Even if she wasn’t considered good enough, did you think you would’ve been fit to stand by Gu Tian’s side? And now, not only did your family cause the deaths of Gu Tian and his wife, but you also almost killed Yun’er along with them. Back then, I wanted to give you a little taste of revenge on the behalf of Yun’er, but something urgent came up and I had to leave Azure Dragon Country. Upon coming back, I found that Yun’er didn’t disappoint me and she really discovered the culprits behind their murders!”

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