Chapter 210: Retribution (7)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 210: Retribution (7)

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When Old Man Gu walked out of the courtyard, the first thing he saw was a grey-robed elder standing at the entrance. A group of young men and women dressed in the same uniform were standing behind him. With one glance, Old Man Gu could tell exactly which faction these people belonged to.

“Gu Qing, bring Lin’er here, quickly!”

As he gave an order to Gu Qing, Old Man Gu also cast him a pointed look.

Upon hearing this, Gu Qing recovered his senses and walked towards the backyard using quick, hasty strides. In just a moment, he strode back into the courtyard, this time accompanied by a handsome young man. However, that young man had a terrible expression on his face, his wrinkled brows speaking of his heavy worries.

“Young Master, this old man is here under the orders of the Faction Master to receive the pill formula. Young Master, you can pass the pill formula to me now.”

Gu Xianglin’s expression turned even uglier. He glanced at Gu Qing, who was standing at the side, and remained silent.

“Lin’er?” Old Man Gu frowned, “Pass the pill formula to this elder; it’ll be safer with him.”

He didn’t understand why Gu Xianglin had such a troubled expression on his face. Hadn’t he gotten the pill formulas to curry favour with the Cool Breeze Faction? Why was he hesitating?

“Grandfather, those two pill formulas…” Gu Xianglin finally hardened his heart and said, “Father gave them away to someone else.”

While listening to Gu Xianglin, the visiting elder’s bright smile had slowly began to stiffen. It finally cummulated in an instantaneous burst of rage, welling up from the depths of his heart. From the very beginning, he had been against letting an outsider become the Young Master of the Cool Breeze Faction. Now that he heard that Gu Xianglin had actually given the pill formulas away to someone else, how could he not be angry?

“Gu Xianglin, did you really think that your seat as our Cool Breeze Faction’s Young Master was set in stone? If not for your talents and the untimely demise of our Faction Master’s son, you wouldn’t have gotten this position. However, when you found some treasures, instead of giving them to the Faction Master as tokens of your filial respect, you actually gave them away to some random stranger? Have you ever even considered your position as the Young Master of the Cool Breeze Faction and acted accordingly? You dare to enjoy the benefits of our faction while giving away treasures to outsiders!”

The elder withheld nothing as he verbally flayed the skin off Gu Xianglin’s back. With a sharp flick of his sleeves, he then said: “Everyone, return to the faction with me! Gu Xianglin, you alone will stay here. I’m going to report this matter to the Faction Master. You should take care of yourself.”

After saying his piece, the elder turned and left without a single glance back.

Old Man Gu was completely enraged. He picked up a wooden rod and started beating Gu Qing with the intent to kill, shouting all the while.

“You little bastard! First, you killed your brother, and now you even forced your son to give the pill formulas away to someone else! If not for you, how could this have happened? How could the Cool Breeze Faction misunderstand the intentions of my Gu Family? It’s all your fault! If I don’t beat you to death today, that’d be the real shame, you heartless little bastard!”

Even though Old Man Gu’s vitality had taken a hit, he was still a martial general. Under the blows of his rod, Gu Qing cried pitifully and tried to escape anywhere he could.

However, his very own son, Gu Xianglin, watched on as if it had nothing to do with him.

This man had just ruined his life!

How could he not hate him?

Since he was a child, he had been outshined by Gu Shengxiao in all aspects, so he had always sworn to defeat him. All for the sake of this goal, he had suffered many hardships in order to earn the trust of the Cool Breeze Faction’s Faction Master and get taken in as a godson. He had even managed to become the Young Master of a faction…

But now? All his hard work had been ruined in an instant, and he had once again become a nobody!

“It’s gone. Everything’s all gone.”

Gu Xianglin shut his eyes, his expression wretched in agony. Even the muscles on his face were twitching. “All my efforts over the years have been ruined by you alone. Heh. If I had known earlier that this would happen, I wouldn’t have listened to you that day! So this is what they mean by losing your bride on top of losing your army!”

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