Chapter 209: Retribution (6)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 209: Retribution (6)

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“You fool! You stupid fool!”

It hadn’t been easy for him to clear his father’s misgivings, but now this stupid woman had confessed everything just like that. He was done for. This time, he was completely done for.

Actually, Second Madam Gu couldn’t be blamed for this. She hadn’t followed Gu Qing when he went looking for Gu Ruoyun. Upon hearing what the people outside were saying, she assumed that they had found enough evidence somehow. Who would have thought that Gu Qing had just shamelessly denied everything?

“Father, Father, don’t listen to this stupid woman’s nonsense! I…”


Old Man Gu slapped him so hard that Gu Qing fell to the ground. However, that wasn’t enough to quell his rage. Old Man Gu raised his leg and started stomping on his body. With a vicious expression on his face, it was as if the person on the ground wasn’t his very own son.

“You were the one who killed Tian’er, and the one who brought our Gu Family down! If not for you, everyone would still be trying to curry favor with me and fawning over me! If not for you, what would a little Hundred Herb Hall be to us?! I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you, you little bastard!”

Upon thinking of how he had once enjoyed such a high status and the officials who had always been full of smiles when they saw him, Old Man Gu’s heart trembled. How many years had it taken to get over his fall from grace? However, now he was finding out that the one who had caused his downfall was actually the son he had always trusted and relied on.

This was unbearable to him.

“Dad, dad, please go and save Panpan! Those people will kill her!”

Second Madam Gu’s fat body moved in front of Old Man Gu and she hugged his legs, her face covered in tears and snot. “Dad, please save Panpan, she’s your granddaughter! Please hurry up and save her, she’s just a child!”


Old Man Gu kicked Second Madam Gu into the air away from him. Veins were popping out from his temples, and his hands were tightened into fists: “Don’t assume that I don’t know that you had something to do with this too. The two of you have done very well, even daring to plot against your own brother! Look what this has all come to. Gu Tian is gone, and Gu Ruoyun won’t acknowledge the Gu Family. Once Gu Shengxiao finds out about all this, he won’t forgive the Gu Family either. The three geniuses in my Gu Family are all gone, hahaha! I’m just left with a bunch of good-for-nothings like you!”

He regretted it…

Right now, Old Man Gu really regretted it.

If he hadn’t given up on Gu Ruoyun back then, even if Gu Tian had died in Gu Qing’s hands, that would have nothing to do with him! He would still be the highest authority in the Gu Family, and Hundred Herb Hall, the Azure Dragon and the White Tiger would belong to their Gu Family…

Who could have imagined that Gu Ruoyun would change so much in just three years? From a lowly good-for-nothing, she had turned into someone who could rule the mainland.

When he thought of this, tears of regret rolled down the old man’s cheeks…

“There’s still Lin’er! That’s right, there’s still Lin’er!”

Second Madam Gu seemed to have thought of something. Her eyes shone brightly: “Lin’er is the young master of the Cool Breeze Faction. If the Cool Breeze Faction stands up for us, then the situation will be different.”

The Cool Breeze Faction…

Gu Qing and Old Man Gu both thought of that power at the same time, and unconsciously exchanged looks. The old man couldn’t help but calm down from his tantrum.

“The Cool Breeze Faction is our last hope now. Where’s Lin’er? Where is he now?”

Just as he finished speaking, an announcement rang out from outside the estate. “This old man is an elder of the Cool Breeze Faction. I’m under special orders from the Faction Master to meet the young master. May I ask if the young master is present?”

“Someone from the Cool Breeze Faction?”

Joy burst forth in Gu Qing’s heart: “That’s great, the people from the Cool Breeze Faction are here, we’re saved!”

Right now, Old Man Gu’s military powers had been taken away, so the Cool Breeze Faction was their last remaining hope...

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