Chapter 208: Retribution (5)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 208: Retribution (5)

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“Gu Qing, you want me to release Old Man Gu?” Gu Ruoyun smiled with a sinister look in her eyes, “I can do as you ask right now and let him go. I just hope you don’t regret it. Wei Yiyi, send a message to Elder Yu and tell him to release Old Man Gu!”

Wei Yiyi didn’t hesitate at all after receiving Gu Ruoyun’s orders, because she knew that there would be a show to watch after Old Man Gu returned home…

As for them, all they had to was sit and watch.


The Gu Estate was in a state of clamor.

Before he had even gotten the time to clean himself up, the sorry-looking Old Man Gu was disturbed by angry shouts from outside.

“Hey, Gu Family! Are you intending to avoid facing the truth by holing yourselves up in there? Call Gu Qing out now! He’s actually Gu Tian’s killer! Gu Tian once helped this old man out, this old man is here to demand justice for him!”

“It was a loss for all of us in Azure Dragon Country when a hero like Gu Tian fell, and it was also a loss for the the entire mainland! The one who caused this loss was that dog Gu Qing! He’s a sinner to all of Azure Dragon Country! If Gu Tian were still here, who would even dare to invade our Azure Dragon Country? There wouldn’t be any wars!”

Ever since Gu Qing had fled in disarray, taking Old Man Gu along with him, the events that happened outside the compound had spread like fire. Under the direction of Hundred Herb Hall, some people who had been good friends with Gu Tian immediately came knocking at the Gu Family’s door.

These people all trusted more in Gu Ruoyun.

It would be an easy task for her to deal with the Gu Family with her current strength. Furthermore, she was someone who wouldn’t listen to reason at all, judging by how she had done things in the past! If she wanted to kill someone, she would just kill them straightaway. Thus, with her personality and her conduct, she couldn’t possibly be accusing the Gu Family wrongly.

Furthermore, a tiny Gu Family wasn’t worth the trouble for her to do such a thing.

Old Man Gu unconsciously froze in place. He had rushed back upon leaving Hundred Herb Hall, so he didn’t know what the entire capital was gossiping about right now. When he heard the words outside, he immediately slapped Gu Qing. He roared in rage: “Gu Qing, you were the one who caused the death of Tian’er?!”

Of course, Old Man Gu wasn’t someone who valued family very much, or he wouldn’t have gotten some stranger’s corpse to impersonate Gu Tian.

He was angry because if Gu Tian hadn’t died, he would still be the elder of the Gu Family, whom everyone would want to praise and flatter. How would the Gu Family have fallen to this point if Gu Tian were still alive?

“Father, I’ve been wronged,” Gu Qing’s face turned ashen as he spoke with grievance, “Elder Brother’s death had nothing to do with me. It was Gu Ruoyun, she’s trying to drive a wedge between us. Father, it’s not like you don’t know what kind of person she is, there’s nothing she won’t do.”

Others believed Gu Ruoyun for a few reasons. Firstly, her personality was one that would quickly repay any debts of gratitude or grudges. Secondly, it was because she was Gu Tian’s daughter. However, Old Man Gu knew how cunning and deceitful she was. He could see that from how she had tricked the Gu Family back then. Thus, she might really have wrongly accused Qing’er.

“Father, Second Master, please save Panpan! They took Panpan away!”

It was at this moment that a portly middle-aged woman came running in, weeping. She grabbed onto Gu Qing’s sleeve and said, “It was all you, it was all your fault, you bastard! If it weren’t for you, the news that we killed Gu Tian wouldn’t have spread, and those related to Gu Tian wouldn’t have taken away Panpan for his sake! If anything happens to my daughter, I won’t forgive you!”

Gu Qing had let out a sigh of relief, but upon hearing what Second Madam Gu had said, his expression completely changed. His lips trembled and he had the overwhelming urge to slap her to death.

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