Chapter 205: Retribution (2)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 205: Retribution (2)

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Imperial Concubine Ling…

Upon thinking of the woman who had started off the whole chain of events, the man’s eyes darkened. It was her fortune to have died so quickly before he had come back, otherwise he would definitely have made her experience hell on earth!

However, the Gu Family didn’t share her fortune!

As the man recalled everything that the Gu Family had done these few years, his cold and cruel eyes narrowed slightly. Underneath the mask, there was a harsh expression on his handsome face.

In the next moment, while Gu Panpan was in the middle of cursing Gu Ruoyun, she suddenly saw a black flash as countless punches rained down upon her…



Before she could even finish shouting for help, she had already been beaten up to the point that she couldn’t even speak.

It was as if all the bones in her body had been shattered, then reconstructed so she could suffer the pain all over again. That vicious cycle repeated again and again, it hurt so much that she wanted to die…

The servants weren’t able to call for help either; their visions turned black and they all fainted.

“I wanted to kill you at first, but it’s not up to me to end your Gu Family’s lives. You have to return what you owe to her. This is simply the interest I’m collecting for her.”

The man had impeccable control over his strength. He made Gu Panpan hover on the edge of life and death, but didn’t let her faint. Conversely, her mind was extremely clear while she was suffering all that pain; she desperately wished for the torture to pass quickly.

Just as she felt like a century had passed, the man finally withdrew his fists when she hit her limit. Immediately following that, freed from the torment, Gu Panpan finally fainted away…


Meanwhile, as the culprit behind the incidents that were now the talk of the nation, Gu Ruoyun didn’t pay the slightest attention to all the clamour and disputes. Everyday she did nothing but cultivate, refusing to meet any visitors.

Of course, the evildoer Fourth Prince was no exception to this and suffered many doors slammed in his face.

However, just as Gu Ruoyun was intending to continue passing her days by cultivating, some news finally came from the assassin from the Cool Breeze Faction, Li Cheng, via soul telepathy.

“Master, I’ve been watching Second Master Gu recently because I overheard a conversation that Second Master Gu had with Second Madam Gu. They were talking about how a strong expert took a liking to Gu Shengxiao’s root of wisdom back then, and how he wanted to take Gu Shengxiao away. However, Gu Tian and his wife didn’t agree. That expert held a grudge against them and tasked Second Master Gu with killing them! He also wanted Second Master Gu to send Gu Shengxiao to him. Unfortunately, Second Master Gu wasn’t able to complete his mission. Recently, he’s been thinking of a new scheme. He wants to send a message to Gu Shengxiao saying that you’ve gotten in trouble to lure him back here, so that he can hand Gu Shengxiao over to that expert…”


A wave of rage burst out from within Gu Ruoyun’s heart. Currently, she had an extremely cold and callous expression on her face; a storm was brewing within her clear pupils.

She could tolerate whatever the Gu Family tried to do except when they tried to hurt her kin!

Second Master Gu had not only caused her parents’ death, but was now trying to use her to lure her brother out. No matter what, she wouldn’t let their sinister plans succeed!

“The Gu Family… I wanted to let you live for a while more, but unfortunately…”

Gu Ruoyun sneered, ridicule brimming in the tilt of her lips: “You were the ones who came looking for your own deaths!”

In her past life, she hadn’t been able to protect her mother, and had watched as her precious little brother died before her very eyes! In this life, she absolutely would not let herself repeat the mistakes of her past! Anyone who dared to touch her family should be prepared to suffer her blood-soaked vengeance in return!

“Li Cheng, wait over there. I’ll come right now.”

Murderous intent gathered around Gu Ruoyun’s body. However, before she could set off, a sharp call sounded from outside the compound.

“Gu Ruoyun, you son of a bitch! Get out here right now! Even if he wasn’t your grandfather, how could you treat an elderly man this way? Do you have any conscience left in you? Has your conscience been eaten by the dogs? You little bastard, aren’t you afraid that the heavens will strike you to death by lightning once they find out what you’ve done? Your grandfather should have strangled you to death at birth, you little bastard!”

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