Chapter 197: The Azure Dragon, Tianqiong (7)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 197: The Azure Dragon, Tianqiong (7)

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Elder Liu’s body trembled as his eyes slid shut. After a long moment, he opened them and began to speak with a dull gaze: “I understand, My Lord. The lifetime of service I have given, the great pains I have taken to advance the Dark Yin Palace… I have served the Dark Yin Palace’s interests from beginning to end. Regardless of my past contributions, my Lord has ordered me to absolve my sins with my own lifeblood.”

“My Lord has already given me due dignity for one of my station. I have been loyal, and still I must leave the world like this... but because of my loyalty, I will obey.”

After saying so, Elder Liu drew his sword and placed it against his own neck. He shut his eyes once again, but just as the blade was about to fall, a young woman’s clear voice abruptly rang out.

“Yunyao, stop him!”


A white flash whizzed by and the sword in his hands fell to the ground with a clatter. Just as he raised his head in astonishment, he saw an indifferent face appear before him.

“I don’t know the concept of repaying a grudge with kindness and forgiveness, or even taking an eye for an eye. I only know that those who incur my grudge must suffer my pain ten times over! Didn’t you cripple Moyu? You even made her suffer such pain! If I let you die this easily, how will I be able to face Moyu? How will I be able to face Bai Chuan, whom you took away to threaten me?”

Gu Ruoyun sneered and coldly ordered, “Yunyao, capture him and hand him over to Moyu. She’ll be the one to take care of him. No matter what punishment she chooses, whether it’s death by a thousand cuts or using horses to pull his limbs apart, it will be just what he deserves!”

After she finished speaking, she turned an indifferent gaze onto Zuo Shangchen. “Zuo Shangchen, I’ve always treated you as a friend. Even when I found out that the Dark Yin Palace was out to kill me, I trusted you because you’re my brother’s friend. However… that person from Dark Yin Palace hurt the people close to me. I wouldn’t be able to face myself if I let him die so easily. If Dark Yin Palace wants to take their anger out on anyone, then let it be me! Don’t harm the innocent anymore! Furthermore, you should know that I would never act against someone who hasn’t provoked me first. This old man is guilty and deserves to be punished!”

“Xiao Yun’er, do you mean you don’t trust me anymore?” Zuo Shangchen was full of grief as he said, “Your side has always been my side. The only reason I wanted him to settle his own death was because I didn’t want to cause too much trouble for you, but since you don’t want to let him die that easily, I’ll hand him over to you to deal with as you like.”

Looking at Zuo Shangchen’s beautiful face, Gu Ruoyun’s expression softened a little. Zuo Shangchen’s gesture had already proven that he would stand by her side no matter what happened.

“Thank you,” Gu Ruoyun said, “I know this has nothing to do with you, so I don’t blame you. However, if there’s a next time, Zuo Shangchen, I’ll break all ties with you! Furthermore… I won’t let the Dark Yin Palace off the hook!”

Now that the matter of the Dark Yin Palace had been settled, it was time for her to work on more important business...

“Xiao Ye, help me bring this old man back to Hundred Herb Hall.” A smile was peeking through Gu Ruoyun’s eyes as she spoke to Qianbei Ye. She continued with an order to her spirit beasts: “Yunyao, Tianqiong, let’s go. There are still some matters we have to resolve.”

The accomplices had been settled. Their next target was the mastermind.

She hadn’t expected that Imperial Concubine Ling had been so patient to wait three whole years without any movements. So she actually colluded with the Dark Yin Palace in secret…

However, Imperial Concubine Ling could never have expected that Zuo Shangchen was the Lord of Dark Yin Palace!

“No one is allowed to speak of anything that happened here.”

After Gu Ruoyun left, Zuo Shangchen withdrew his gaze and swept his eyes over each stunned member of the Ling family. Following that, he opened his fan with a wave and sneered: “If my identity gets exposed, this prince will eliminate the entire Ling family!”

Ling Yihui shuddered and hurriedly promised: “Fourth Prince, please don’t worry. We don’t know anything at all.”

Even in his wildest dreams, he couldn’t have possibly imagined that the fourth prince of Vermillion Bird Country would turn out to be the Lord of Dark Yin Palace! No wonder the Dark Yin Palace had helped Gu Ruoyun back then; it was because of him!

Author’s Note: The female lead is about to leave Azure Dragon Country!

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