Chapter 196: The Azure Dragon, Tianqiong (6)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 196: The Azure Dragon, Tianqiong (6)

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If it hadn’t been for Master’s pity for her, Qianbei Ye would have definitely killed Tianqiong!

They were the main culprits!

“Old fellow, I don’t care if you’re an elder of Dark Yin Palace, and I don’t care who the mastermind behind you is. Today, you must die! If you manage to leave here with your life, then even the gods will be angered!”


Strong killing intent surged towards Elder Liu. The woman became a blur of yellow, graceful and elegant as her face filled with her desire for murder. Just as she was about to reach Elder Liu, his sharp eyes caught a figure in pink rushing in from outside the courtyard. Full of  great surprise and joy, he shouted, “My Lord, save me!”

His Lord was here! They were done for! Hahaha!

Elder Liu’s face was a frightening sight. The lines of his face were all etched with malevolence, contorting into a demon hungry for slaughter. In his eyes, the people before him were practically dead men walking…

The man Elder Liu had shouted for remained sitting on his softwood chair. His almond-shaped eyes were two narrow slits; his smile was perpetual and light. And even though they had practically sprinted all the way here, the girls carrying his sedan showed no signs of exertion: their faces were calm and expressionless.

Upon seeing the young woman sheltered in Qianbei Ye’s arms, the man’s eyes flickered. Then his gaze landed on Elder Liu’s delighted face.

“My Lord, please save me!” Elder Liu shouted again at the man. This incomparably beautiful man was his last hope. As long as his Lord was here, no one was going to be able to kill him.

Although Elder Liu was a trained assassin, he was still afraid of death! Furthermore, he held a high position of authority and hadn’t enjoyed the fruits of his labour yet. How could he be willing to perish in the hands of a little girl?

However, very quickly, Zuo Shangchen retracted his gaze and looked instead towards Gu Ruoyun, eyes filling with grief.

“Xiao Yun’er, this matter has nothing to do with me! I’ve already sent Qingyi to investigate the culprits who accepted this mission; I just hadn’t thought he would act so quickly. This fellow is one of the men under my Dark Yin Palace, so I’ll definitely fulfill my promise to you and give you an answer for your grievances.”

Gu Ruoyun sneered and remained silent. If Dark Yin Palace had simply tried to assassinate her, perhaps she wouldn’t be this angry right now. However, Dark Yin Palace had seriously injured her right-hand woman!

This was something she wasn’t able to tolerate.

“Zuo Shangchen, I told you earlier that Dark Yin Palace was trying to kill me, and I gave you time to find the culprits! I also told you that they had better not touch the people by my side, or else I would make them pay an appropriate price, even if it takes the rest of my life!”

The determination in the young woman’s voice resounded with Zuo Shangchen, causing his heart to tremble a little. Without his conscious bidding, his almond-shaped eyes were affixed on that delicate face of hers. Although her strength hadn’t reached a point where she could be called an expert, her heart was already tough and tenacious, matching the bearing of Gu Tian and his wife back then…

Elder Liu stiffened in shock as he watched the interaction between the two. His astonishment began to give way to a chilly feeling that was steadily engulfing his heart, making him so cold that he shivered.

His Lord was acquainted with Gu Ruoyun? Furthermore, they didn’t seem like normal acquaintances from the way they were talking…

He had actually accepted a mission to assassinate his Lord’s friend! With his Lord’s temper, he probably wasn’t going to escape calamity this time.

Elder Liu’s old face was as pale as ash when his thoughts finally connected. His lips started to tremble as the utmost level of despair began to creep onto his face.

When Zuo Shangchen glanced at Elder Liu, his expression turned absolutely serious: “Elder Liu, our Dark Yin Palace has a rule that must be followed before accepting any mission: we have to investigate the target’s background thoroughly. This time, you’ve touched someone you shouldn’t have. I can’t protect you anymore. Since you were the one to turn your blade against the wrong person, give your lifeblood to absolve your sins.”

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