Chapter 195: The Azure Dragon, Tianqiong (5)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 195: The Azure Dragon, Tianqiong (5)

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“Master, if… if I make the Azure Dragon sign a contract with you, would you be willing to forgive him? The Azure Dragon has been blinded, so he doesn’t have any power right now, but I believe he’ll recover someday. As the leader of the Four Divine Beasts, he’ll definitely be a strong helper for you. Oh, no, I mean, besides Master Zixie and Master Qianbei, of course.”

Upon feeling Qianbei Ye’s bloodthirsty gaze and Zixie’s overwhelming pressure transmitted via the contract, Yunyao hurried to amend her words. How could she have possibly forgotten about those two great gods…

Gu Ruoyun remained cool and collected on the outside, but she was secretly delighted by this development. This was exactly what she had been aiming for. Of course, making the Azure Dragon her contractual spirit beast sounded much better as a suggestion when it came from Yunyao instead of her.

As expected, the Azure Dragon seemed to be too scared to raise his objections. His expression was extremely conflicted, and his unwillingness was written all over his face.


While Yunyao’s heart was hanging by a thread, Gu Ruoyun finally spoke up: “On your behalf, I’ll give him another chance.”

As if she had only agreed to this because of Yunyao, her expression looked even more unwilling than the Azure Dragon’s.

The corners of Shopkeeper Zhao’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. After a few years of service at Gu Ruoyun’s side, he had already grasped the essence of her personality. This fellow had clearly taken a shine to the Azure Dragon from the very start, but no one could have possibly guessed it if they were looking at her now. Gu Ruoyun was currently showing such a resigned expression; it was like she was taking a loss by keeping the Azure Dragon, but out of the goodness of her heart… if it was for Yunyao, then...

Tianqiong felt extremely put out. He was a formidable and renowned Divine Beast, the Azure Dragon! However, right now, this little human was clearly disdaining him right in front of his face! Was there any Divine Beast who had ever suffered such tragic indignity before?

“Xiao Yun’er, aren’t I enough?” Qianbei Ye said, aggrieved, “I can do anything you want me to! And I can protect you far better than anyone else can. Why do you need to take in this dragon? I think it’s better if you eat him and raise your own strength instead.”

He couldn’t tolerate letting someone who had tried to kill Gu Ruoyun stay by her side after the fact. If he hadn’t been secretly following her, then this young woman would have left him forever. Thinking of that possibility, Qianbei Ye felt a throb of pain as anxiety gripped his heart.

How could Gu Ruoyun not know what Qianbei Ye was thinking? Warmth suffused within her chest as she patted Qianbei Ye’s shoulder. “Xiao Ye, Yunyao is my contract beast. I can’t ignore her feelings. Furthermore, this wasn’t the Azure Dragon’s fault. I’m only interested in the person behind this.”

She smiled gently and turned to look at the dazed Elder Liu. “Before that, we have some unfinished business.”

Elder Liu’s senses abruptly came back to life, and he quivered as he watched that smiling woman. Unbidden, a wave of fear swelled within his heart, but he quashed it viciously. Gritting his teeth, he bit out: “Gu Ruoyun, if you kill me, then you have to be prepared for an endless wave of experts coming to kill you! From what I can see, this Azure Dragon is all bark and no bite! Even his bark is powerless right now! At first, I thought that the silver-haired man beside you was very strong, but now that I’ve seen the Azure Dragon’s true strength, I obviously made a mistake in reading his strength. He’s not a martial emperor at all; he’s at the same level as me at the most. As for why I can’t sense his power, perhaps he carries some sort of treasure on him that can mask it. So, how long do you think you can fend off martial king after martial king?”

Yunyao was enraged. All of this had happened because of this old man! If it hadn’t been for him and the mastermind behind him, Tianqiong wouldn’t have almost killed Master by mistake.

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