Chapter 191: The Azure Dragon, Tianqiong (1)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 191: The Azure Dragon, Tianqiong (1)

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Elder Liu stepped backwards in retreat, drawing out a long shadow on the ground. He breathed heavily as he looked at the white tiger walking towards him with a heavy gaze.

Although Yunyao’s strength wasn’t like before, she was still one of the Divine Beasts who had guarded the four directions in the past. When it came to battle experience, she had enough of it to drown Elder Liu.

Thus, Elder Liu had fallen to the losing side…

“Hehe,” He started smiling with derision and disdain, “Gu Ruoyun, you can’t even begin to imagine how many martial kings we have in our Dark Yin Palace! Even if I can’t kill you today, you’ll suffer the pursuit of those martial kings from now on! Do you really think that you could escape this disaster?”

Actually, Elder Liu was purposely saying this to scare Gu Ruoyun so that he could kill her the moment the white tiger stopped paying attention and let down her defenses! Unfortunately, Gu Ruoyun’s gaze was still as serene as a lake. She looked at Elder Liu with an indifferent gaze, as if his words didn’t even matter.

Just as Elder Liu was about to think of some other method, the woman’s apathetic voice slowly resounded in the quiet courtyard.

“Yunyao, it’s getting late, we should be going back.”

The meaning in her words was that, it was time for this old fellow to die!

When Elder Liu heard that, he thought Gu Ruoyun had been scared off by his threat and wanted to escape. He was about to harrumph and mock her again, but at that moment, the white tiger stretched out her neck and charged over when Elder Liu’s defenses were down…


Yunyao raised her tiger claws and smacked the old fellow away. Her enormous body sat heavily on Elder Liu’s body, almost making him spit out blood.

His face was ashen as he shouted angrily: “You’re cheating! You didn’t say anything before attacking! That’s unfair!”

If he hadn’t let down his defenses, how could this white tiger have gotten that attack in?

Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun rolled her eyes. “Didn’t I tell Yunyao that it was getting late? It’s time to go home.”

Abruptly, Elder Liu spat out a mouthful of blood. His muddy eyes no longer held his earlier haughtiness, but were now filled with rage. He stared at Gu Ruoyun with hatred.

He was going to be angered to death by this damned girl!

If anyone heard that, they would have thought that she was calling back her spiritual beast. Who would have expected that spiritual beast would act without a word! Was she even giving him a fair chance to fight back?

“Unfair?” Yunyao sneered and raised her arm, “When you took away someone by Master’s side, did you ever think about fairness? When you faced someone whose power was below yours, and attacked someone who wasn’t prepared, did you ever think about fairness? In this world, it’s the law of the jungle! The winners are the kings! As long as you can clinch victory, all’s fair in war!”

Elder Liu was so angry that his body was trembling. It was like an enormous mountain was pressing on him, making it so that he couldn’t breathe or even move a muscle…

“Gu Ruoyun, you’re really not afraid of my Dark Yin Palace?” He gritted his teeth and spat out word by word.

Gu Ruoyun cast a glance at him before saying indifferently: “Yunyao, let go of him!”

“Yes, Master.”

Yunyao lifted up her foreleg, a sneer still on her lips. What was so impressive about that Dark Yin Palace? The two people by Master’s side wouldn’t even bat an eye if a hundred martial kings came at them.

Did this fellow really think that his Dark Yin Palace could save him?

Thinking of that, Yunyao’s sharp claws slashed towards Elder Liu’s neck, but at this moment, an enormous power descended from midair, accompanied by the howl of a dragon, shaking up the entire sky.

Yunyao’s claws stopped a meter away from Elder Liu’s neck as she looked up towards the dark clouds suddenly encompassing the sky. In that instant, a mix of emotions flashed across her face: joy, surprise, excitement and nostalgia...

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