Chapter 186: Zuo Shangchen's Rage Awakens (7)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 186: Zuo Shangchen's Rage Awakens (7)

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Shopkeeper Zhao helplessly shook his head. Master was probably the only one who dared to treat the fourth prince of Vermillion Bird Country in this manner. What a pitiful fellow. Although it wasn’t his fault this time, Zuo Shangchen was still related to Dark Yin Palace. Even he couldn’t escape the consequences...

Within the guest house, a man dressed in pink was lying indolently against a chair. Looking at the fine liquor and delicacies placed before him, his lips unconsciously raised into his signature devilish smile.

“Wouldn’t it be great if Xiao Yun’er could join me in this feast of fine delicacies and good liquor? What a pity; she probably won’t want anything to do with me until this prince finds out who was trying to kill her…”


The door was abruptly kicked open. The man frowned and a wave of killing intent burst out from his body. His beautiful almond-shaped eyes narrowed slightly. However, when he saw the face of the seductive woman standing at the door, his smile grew even more pronounced and his glare faded.

The Ghost Doctor was here? Perhaps Gu Ruoyun was behind her?

Thinking of that, he hurriedly scanned behind Wei Yiyi, but he didn’t see that familiar figure.

“You don’t have to look anymore, Shifu didn’t come,” Wei Yiyi rolled her eyes, “Rather, she told me to inform you that your Dark Yin Palace provoked her first, so don’t blame her for not giving way on account of your friendship!”

Zuo Shangchen frowned. “What happened?”

Xiao Yun’er had promised to give him time, and she would definitely keep to her word. Had something else happened?

Wei Yiyi sneered: “One of your Dark Yin Palace’s elders hurt someone close to my Shifu for the sake of forcing her out. He even took Bai Chuan away. That friend of ours was heavily beaten by him. Her bones are all shattered, her meridians broken, and she’s close to death.”


In a momentary lapse of attention, Zuo Shangchen dropped his fan. It landed in a wine jar in front of him, completely forgotten with the situation at hand. A trace of panic arose on his beautiful face, and followed closely behind it was a look filled with immense tension and anger.

“Which damned bastard is behind this! They are clearly trying to cause a misunderstanding between this prince and Xiao Yun’er! If this prince finds the culprit behind this, I’ll definitely burn him to ashes!”

Zuo Shangchen had been thoroughly frightened.

What should he do now that Xiao Yun’er was mad at him? It was all that damned bastard’s fault! He wouldn’t be able to rest easy until that damned bastard was dead!

“Ghost Doctor, bring me to Xiao Yun’er. I want to explain everything to her. This matter really had nothing to do with me; I really don’t know anything. Qingyi just returned after I sent her back to find the culprit who accepted this mission. I didn’t think that something would happen so quickly! I’m innocent!”

Zuo Shangchen’s expression was full of aggrievement. He had always done as he pleased. He never thought that he would end up losing all his dignity in front of this pair of siblings…

“Tell that to Shifu yourself. Oh, right, I forgot to tell you. Shifu is very angry right now, so you had better prepare yourself,” said Wei Yiyi, sneering.

Upon hearing this, Zuo Shangchen tensed even more. “Then take this prince to see Xiao Yun’er, quickly! Otherwise, the consequences will be too unbearable!”


Out in the busy street, Gu Ruoyun flew towards the Ling household at the fastest speed possible. On the way there, the eye-catching fresh blood on the ground pierced right into her heart…

Looking at the long trail of red, she couldn’t imagine how Moyu had managed to return to report. What kind of willpower did she have to crawl back bit by bit like this? In that time between her defeat and finding Shopkeeper Zhao, how much pain had she borne?

Gu Ruoyun’s heart hurt! In her heart, her subordinates were not pawns that could be easily sacrificed at any time, but comrades who had built up the entire Devil Sect together with her! However, now her comrade had been severely injured, and it had happened right under her nose!

And she hadn’t even been the one to discover it…

“I don’t care what kind of place you come from. Anyone who dares to lay a single finger on her will suffer a hundred— no, a thousand times the pain she suffered!”

Gu Ruoyun quickened her pace. A powerful killing intent rose from her body as she charged toward the Ling household, stirring the air like the onset of a hurricane...

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