Chapter 182: Zuo Shangchen's Rage Awakens (3)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 182: Zuo Shangchen's Rage Awakens (3)

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Upon hearing this, Imperial Concubine Ling’s unhappiness turned into a tranquil calm.

That’s right, even though those people have died, there was still the powerful Elder Liu. Gu Ruoyun definitely wouldn’t be able to continue living!

“Elder Liu, since that formation is so formidable, what if Gu Ruoyun hides in the compound once she finds out that the Dark Yin Palace is trying to kill her?”

“Hmph!” Elder Liu harrumphed, “I’ve checked up on her situation early on. This Gu Ruoyun is a sentimental sort of person. I just have to capture someone close to her, and she wouldn’t be able to stay hiding in there! Since she’s chosen to kill the men from my Dark Yin Palace, she has to pay for it, an eye for an eye!”

The Dark Yin Palace seemed mighty in the eyes of the common people mainly because of this: if a person failed to execute the mission, then someone stronger than him would continue with the mission until the target died! Thus, a person who had been sent a Declaration of Death by the Dark Yin Palace definitely wouldn’t be able to live for more than half a month!

“Thank you for taking the trouble, Elder Liu.”

Imperial Concubine Ling was inwardly overjoyed; it also showed on her face as she thanked the elder.

“However, Elder Liu, could you hand Gu Ruoyun over to me to torture after you cripple her? She has killed so many people of my Ling family, I won’t be able to rest easy if I don’t avenge them personally.”

“There’s no problem with that.”

Elder Liu nodded: “I’ll capture someone close to her tomorrow and force her out!”

From the start, he had never taken Gu Ruoyun seriously. Even if Hundred Herb Hall had a martial king in residence, but that early stage martial king good-for-nothing wasn’t even fit to match blows with him!

Seeing that Elder Liu’s face was full of confidence, Imperial Concubine Ling’s joy was displayed in her eyes. It was as if she could see Gu Ruoyun kneeling while begging for mercy in front of her; how satisfying!

“Father, Ling Xi, Ling Yu. Just you wait. I’ll send your enemy to hell to atone for her crimes! When the time comes, I’ll cripple all her limbs, snap the tendons in her legs, break her spiritual ocean and make her a piece of crap you can bully!”

While thinking of it, she burst out into wild laughter. The tears in her eyes mixed with her malice and hatred towards Gu Ruoyun…

However, Gu Ruoyun had never expected that Imperial Concubine Ling would hold such hatred towards herself. The entire Ling family had been destroyed by her hand, so as someone of the Ling family, it was within reason that Imperial Concubine Ling held such an enormous grudge.

It was only because Hundred Herb Hall was too powerful that Imperial Concubine Ling didn’t dare to touch her.

If she was given the chance, she would surely stab Gu Ruoyun in the back.


In the early morning, at daybreak.

On a street not far from Hundred Herb Hall, a young boy about ten years of age was gazing curiously at the stalls around him, finding it to be novel. He said: “Moyu-jiejie, where are you taking me to?”

The girl he called Moyu was the Devil Sect’s Right Protector and the Hall Master of the Pill Hall. After she had created the Devil Sect, Gu Ruoyun had passed on the art of refining pills to Moyu and left the management of the Pill Hall to her.

Gu Ruoyun had taken a shine to Bai Chuan’s talent in cultivation, but his talent in refining pills was equally high, so she had entrusted him to Moyu.

“Xiao Chuan, I’m going to bring you to our headquarters. Master has a new mission for you.”

Moyu smiled. Looking at the little shota’s soft and tender cheeks, she couldn’t resist reaching out to pinch them.

Bai Chuan’s expression turned dark. He couldn’t understand why all these women were so perverted, they all liked to pinch his face…

Except Gu Ruoyun!

That fellow only had cultivation on her mind. It was as if there was nothing else in her head other than cultivating and developing her power base.

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