Chapter 180: Zuo Shangchen's Rage Awakens (1)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 180: Zuo Shangchen's Rage Awakens (1)

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“Xiao Yun’er, are you joking with me?”

Zuo Shangchen couldn’t resist smiling, displaying his utterly beautiful visage, magnificent and peerless.

Even Gu Ruoyun had to admit that her breath was taken away by his beauty every time they met, even though they had already known each other for three years.

However, when a man’s beauty was this breathtaking, it made all the women in this world seem like dirt in comparison.

“This prince would have to be crazy to send the Dark Yin Palace to assassinate you. Furthermore, if you die, then wouldn’t that brother of yours turn the world upside down?”

Most importantly, he had no reason to kill Gu Ruoyun. So it was impossible that the Dark Yin Palace would attempt to assassinate her!


A cold blade rested on Zuo Shangchen’s neck. Wei Yiyi carried a seductive smile on her lips as her eyes emanated frost: “The assassins who came this time were definitely people from the Dark Yin Palace. Fourth Prince, please give us an explanation!”


Upon seeing Wei Yiyi’s actions, Qingyi’s expression turned icy. She tried to draw her sword, but Zuo Shangchen raised his hand and stopped her movements.

“Qingyi, back down.”

The smile on his face disappeared, bit by bit. His mesmerising eyes slowly narrowed as he asked: “Xiao Yun’er, you’re being serious?”

Judging by Gu Ruoyun’s personality, she wouldn’t come looking for him if she wasn’t absolutely sure.

Thus, it was definitely true that the Dark Yin Palace had sent people to assassinate her!

Rage awakened in Zuo Shangchen’s heart. Which damned bastard had done something like this and caused him to become their scapegoat?! If he finds the culprit, even tearing that fellow into a thousand pieces wouldn’t be enough to soothe the rage in his heart!

“What do you think, Fourth Prince?” Gu Ruoyun smiled, “If it wasn’t for the formation set up in my compound, my head wouldn’t be resting on my shoulders right now! So, do you think that what we’ve said is true?”

After hearing Gu Ruoyun call him Fourth Prince, Zuo Shangchen knew that she was angry. However, what she had said was true. Whenever the Dark Yin Palace attempted to kill someone, if the first attempt didn’t succeed, then they would simply send more people, pledging their lives until the mission was a success. With Gu Ruoyun’s current level of strength, she wouldn’t be able to fight on the same level as the old bastards in the Dark Yin Palace.

Thus, her anger was completely within reason. She had almost died for no apparent reason at all, how could she not be angry?

“Xiao Yun’er, I was wronged,” Zuo Shangchen’s face was filled with grievance, “I really didn’t know about this. If you can give me some time, I’ll investigate this matter and report back to you.”

Gu Ruoyun stayed silent for a moment before gesturing for Wei Yiyi to sheathe her sword, a bright smile on her face.

Upon seeing that smile, Zuo Shangchen unconsciously shivered.

“Fourth Prince, do hurry and find the culprits behind this. If this spreads to the people by my side... Although I’m not strong enough right now, trust me, the day will come when I sink the entire Dark Yin Palace!”

Zuo Shangchen’s body shook a little. His almond-shaped eyes stared deeply at the slender girl before him. At this moment, the girl had an endlessly domineering aura, like a ruler looking down upon the world.

He believed that Gu Ruoyun had the ability to keep to her word.

A Qi level two good-for-nothing had reached this level in just three to four years’ time!

There were probably only a few geniuses in the strongest sects who could match this kind of talent.

However, compared to those geniuses, Gu Ruoyun’s spiritual ocean was much more vast and endless; it was much harder for her to cultivate and break through! Under those kind of circumstances, she had even advanced so quickly in rank.

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