Chapter 179: The Assassin from the Dark Yin Palace (3)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 179: The Assassin from the Dark Yin Palace (3)

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Qianbei Ye frowned. A dark haze eclipsed his incomparably beautiful face as his blood-red pupils fixed on the puddle of blood. In the dark of the night, his silver hair and red clothes made everyone’s eyes drawn to him unconsciously.

“Xiao Yun, he tried to kill you. The men from Dark Yin Palace tried to kill you. I’ll go and destroy Dark Yin Palace now, okay?”

From the way he said it, destroying the Dark Yin Palace was as easy as eating a meal.

“Xiao Ye…” Gu Ruoyun gazed into his eyes, startled.

“They deserve to die! Anyone who tries to kill you… deserves to die!”

Yes, anyone who tried to touch her deserved to die!

If every single person on the mainland wished to touch her, then he wouldn’t mind massacring the entire population.

“Xiao Ye,” Gu Ruoyun gently smiled at him as if she was comforting a child, “Aren’t I perfectly fine now? Furthermore, I need to figure out some things.”

She wanted to know why that evildoer had sent assassins from Dark Yin Palace to deal with her.


Qianbei Ye was an obedient child. However, he only ever listened to Gu Ruoyun. If anyone else tried to dictate his actions, they would likely be drowned in a sea of blood.

“However, once you’ve figured it out, I’ll go and destroy Dark Yin Palace, okay?”

After a bit of thought, Qianbei Ye still decided that he wasn’t going to let them off. Who gave them the guts to come and hurt Xiao Yun?

Gu Ruoyun faintly smiled but didn’t say anything. Turning around, she spotted Yunyao hiding in the corner. Astounded, she asked: “Yunyao, what are you doing there?”

When she heard Gu Ruoyun speak, Yunyao trembled in fright. Had she gotten eight lifetimes’ worth of bad luck somehow? Wasn’t meeting that god of pests enough? Why did this guy appear, too?

What kind of person was this girl? Why were so many strong experts related to her?

Yunyao wanted to cry. She was probably the only spiritual beast in the world who had to live through such tragic circumstances.

“A tiger?” Qianbei Ye cast a glance at Yunyao and frowned. “I don’t like the tiger tribe. Xiao Yun, can I kill her?”

Yunyao was so frightened that her entire body shook. Finally, with a quick spark of her wit, she let out a soft: “Meow~”


Wei Yiyi almost fell to the ground, her head full of sweatdrops. Was this fellow really the White Tiger of the Divine Beasts? Even the mouse tribe had more courage in the tip of their tails than Yunyao had in her entire body!

“Xiao Ye, you have a grudge against the tiger tribe?” Gu Ruoyun asked, astonished.

Qianbei Ye thought for a bit before answering: “They’re too noisy.”


Gu Ruoyun was completely speechless in regards to Qianbei Ye. She turned to look at Wei Yiyi and said, “Wei Yiyi, we’re going to the guest house. That fellow Zuo Shangchen probably hasn’t left yet. I want to question him on what he’s trying to do!”

“Yes, Shifu.”

Wei Yiyi’s lips curled. A cold glint flashed across her narrowed eyes.

The actions of Dark Yin Palace had completely crossed the line! So what if they were an organization of assassins? So what if they were strong? Simply having power wasn’t enough to deter the Devil Sect! Justice would be served for their master, one way or another.

Within the guest house, Zuo Shangchen was lying indolently on a chaise, waving the fan in his hands back and forth. Suddenly, the door to his room was kicked open, and a pretty, familiar figure appeared in his sight.

“Xiao Yun’er, it’s so late in the night. Have you come to warm the bed of this prince?”

Zuo Shangchen sent his nighttime intruder his signature devilish smile, gaze full of affection. He slowly got up.

Gu Ruoyun’s expression was dark. “Zuo Shangchen, your Dark Yin Palace just sent people to assassinate me. Why don’t you start explaining?”

Despite her usual prudence, she had only brought Wei Yiyi before charging in because she still trusted Zuo Shangchen. She had known him for three years after all; Zuo Shangchen didn’t seem like the kind of person who would do something like that.

However, it was also a fact that the assassins had come from Dark Yin Palace. No matter what the truth would reveal, she had to get Zuo Shangchen to go and investigate!

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