Chapter 176: Subduing the White Tiger (7)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 176: Subduing the White Tiger (7)

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Yunyao’s eyes darted about as she weighed the pros and cons. She knew that Zixie was always true to his word, even if he was a god of pests. However, she wasn’t too willing to submit to a human and become a slave.

“So, have you finished considering your options?” Zixie glanced at Yunyao and said, “You can choose to reject both options, but… you should be clear what the consequence to that would be!”

Yunyao gritted her teeth. As they said, better a bad life than a good death. She could agree to this god of pests’ conditions first, and then she could find a chance to leave once she had recovered her strength.

“Alright, I agree.”

Seeing Yunyao’s unwillingness displayed all over her face, Zixie smiled. How could he not understand what Yunyao was thinking inside? What a pity. For the rest of her life, she wouldn’t ever be able to escape Gu Ruoyun’s control…

“Girl, make a contract with her,” Zixie pointed towards Yunyao and faced Gu Ruoyun as he spoke, “Once you contract with her, she’ll have to protect you with her life. With her by your side, I’ll be at ease.”

No matter what, Yunyao was still pretty powerful. This was also the reason why Zixie had let Gu Ruoyun subdue her.


Seeing that her master had subdued another spiritual beast, Baobao hurriedly rubbed her head against Gu Ruoyun’s thigh, as if telling her master not to forget about her once she had a new pet.

“Zixie, thank you.”

Gu Ruoyun smiled gently at Zixie in gratitude, “You’ve helped me so much on my journey of growth. If it had not been for you back then, my soul would definitely have been destroyed!”

“Oh?” Zixie caressed his chin and scanned her up and down with an evil smile. His gaze seemed to pass through her clothes. “You’ve filled out rather well in these three years. So, if you really want to show your gratitude, why not give me your body in return? What do you think?”

While speaking, he moved closer and closer to Gu Ruoyun until he had forced her into a corner. That warm breath of his fluttered against her neck, tickling her.

Gu Ruoyun backed up a few steps until her back hit the icy cold wall. Her casual reply was: “Humans and beasts can’t be together, so I’m afraid I can’t repay you with my body.”

“Girl, don’t you know that spiritual beasts are no different from humans once they have achieved a human form?” Zixie’s purple eyes narrowed; he sent her a charming smile as he said, “If we have children together, they’ll be humans. If you don’t believe me, we can try it out.”

Looking at the handsome face right in front of her, Gu Ruoyun’s heart wasn’t moved at all. A faint smile hung on her lips as she said, “Even so, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re a phoenix. I’m not interested in interspecies relations. If you’re in heat, then go find a female phoenix. I have zero interest in you.”

Zixie’s expression immediately turned dark. What was this girl saying? Not only was she disdaining his spiritual beast blood, she was even claiming he was in heat?

“Alright, girl. I won’t tease you anymore. Let’s talk about business.” Zixie took a deep breath. He was really afraid that he would die out of anger from this little fellow’s words if they continued their conversation. “I’m going to continue my closed cultivation now. I won’t be able to appear for awhile. If there’s any danger, send Yunyao out; don’t bear with it by yourself.”

Gu Ruoyun froze for a moment. Had she seen wrongly? Was that a trace of love in Zixie’s eyes just now?

This guy would actually feel love for her?

In her heart, Zixie was both a teacher and a friend. He was extremely strict when he needed to be. As for love… she had never seen that before.

In the corner, the White Tiger who had curled up into a ball glanced at Zixie before looking back to Gu Ruoyun. Her eyes darted between the two of them.

Something smelt fishy!

There was definitely something fishy between Zixie and this girl!

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