Chapter 172: Subduing the White Tiger (3)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 172: Subduing the White Tiger (3)

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After cleaning him up, Wei Yiyi quickly brought the kid to Gu Ruoyun.

The little kid was dressed in silk. His large eyes were looking at Gu Ruoyun distractedly. His face had become fair and tender after washing up, and his features were pretty and delicate. It was clear that he was a noble little shota.

“Shifu, this little guy’s quite good-looking. When he grows up, he’ll surely become a handsome man. Why don’t you just keep him as a male pet?” Wei Yiyi smiled charmingly and pinched his lovely skin.

The little shota was a little angry, but also afraid that Gu Ruoyun wouldn’t help him subdue the spiritual beast in his body anymore, so he could only bear with it and stare anxiously at the girl sitting on the chair before him.

“I just spoke with my father, he gave me permission to agree to your conditions. Of course, that’s if you cure me.”

After he finished speaking, the little shota bit his lip. He looked like he had just been bullied.

“If you can treat me, I’ll belong to you. You can do whatever you want to me, and I won’t fight back.”

Hearing this, Wei Yiyi froze for a moment. She had only been teasing him casually, she hadn’t expected that this little guy would take it for real. If those two guys in the backyard find out that she’s actually helping shifu collect male pets, then…

Thinking of the consequences, Wei Yiyi couldn’t help but break out into cold sweat.

Regardless of whether it was Qianbei Ye or Zixie, they weren’t people that a nobody like her could afford to offend…

“Rest assured, I don’t have any interest in that sort of thing. I only hope that you can lend me a helping hand in the future,” Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly, “Right now, I’ll start treating your body.”

Zixie had just told her that the White Tiger had hidden in this little shota’s body because she needed to recover from the wounds on its body by using the spiritual qi in his body. If she could bring something to lure out the White Tiger, it would be much easier to subdue her.

Of course, the precondition was that she needed to communicate with the White Tiger somehow…

Zixie was unable to help her with this point, and she would need to accomplish it herself.

However, Gu Ruoyun’s words made the little kid heave a sigh of relief. He lightly bit down on his lower lip and said: “I’m called Bai Chuan. If you cure me, I’ll definitely keep to my promise. That spiritual beast and I will belong to you.”

“Good, sit down.”

Having said so, Gu Ruoyun smiled gently at Bai Chuan and sat cross-legged. Following that, when the kid sat in front of her, she directed a thread of her spiritual consciousness into the little guy’s thin back, then entered into his spiritual ocean.

Suddenly, a small, blue lake appeared in Gu Ruoyun’s sights.

Bai Chuan’s spiritual ocean wasn’t as vast as hers, but it was rather impressive in comparison to most people. However, in the middle of that little lake, there was a swirling whirlpool sucking up all the water…

Very quickly, the lake turned into a dry lakebed.

“So that’s what happened!” Realisation struck Gu Ruoyun, “The White Tiger is living in Bai Chuan’s spiritual ocean and she’s using the spiritual qi to recover her strength. Bai Chuan can’t break through because all the spiritual qi that he absorbs is used up by her!”

Just as she was about to let her spiritual consciousness enter the spiritual ocean, a formless force streaked across the sky and hit her with a bang.

Within the room, Gu Ruoyun’s face turned pale and sweat ran down her body in rivulets. She gritted her teeth, but she refused to retrieve her spiritual consciousness and continued to observe that lake.

“Who has the gall to disturb my cultivation?”

A cold shout transmitted from the spiritual ocean, carrying a strong pressure.

Following that, someone dressed in a simple yet elegant yellow dress strode out from within the spiritual ocean. The dress billowed in the wind as if each step had brought forth a breeze.

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