Chapter 171: Subduing the White Tiger (2)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 171: Subduing the White Tiger (2)

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Gu Ruoyun was completely shocked.

The Four Divine Beasts weren’t a match for Zixie? Then, just how strong was Zixie when he was at his peak?

“Shifu, what happened?”

Wei Yiyi looked doubtfully at Gu Ruoyun, blinking in puzzlement as she asked.

“It’s nothing,” Gu Ruoyun shook her head and looked at the disappointed little beggar, “Kid, I might be able to help you solve the problem of that spiritual beast in your body.”

The girl’s calm voice disturbed the little beggar’s thoughts. He hurriedly raised his head; his obstinate gaze stared at Gu Ruoyun. In that instant, even his breathing had quickened.

“You… Are you serious?”

All these years, his dad had sought countless people for help, but those people were unable to do anything about the spiritual beast in his body. Until now, Gu Ruoyun was the only one who had ever said that she might have a solution for him…

Hope made his heart light up again.

“I can help you, but I have two requests,” A glint of light flashed across Gu Ruoyun’s eyes as she smiled at the little beggar, “Firstly, the spiritual beast in your body will belong to me. Secondly, at the same time, you’ll belong to me too!”

The little beggar froze for a moment before sinking into silence.

After a long time, he raised his head again, and his bright eyes stared at Gu Ruoyun unblinkingly.

“For your first request, to be honest, many experts have also wanted to subdue the spiritual beast in my body all these years. However, they all failed and many were even devoured by the spiritual beast. As for the second request…” The little beggar hesitated, “I need to ask my father.”

“That’s fine.”

Gu Ruoyun nodded: “I’ll give you some time to consider it. If you follow me, not only will I guarantee that the spiritual beast in your body will no longer hurt you, I can also guarantee that you’ll grow to the point that you’re invincible at the fastest speed!”

To be honest, with the little beggar’s innate talent, all she needed to do was train him a little and he would become a strong expert who could shake up the four nations!

Of course, other than her interest in the White Tiger, she was also willing to help him because she was extremely interested in the little guy’s talent. No one would be able to easily let go of such a great talent…

“I’ll discuss it with my father for a period of time. Could I stay with you in the meantime?” The little beggar bit his lip and asked, a little nervous.

“You can, but…” Gu Ruoyun smiled, “Is there something you haven’t told us? For example, from your aura, I can tell that you’re the son of a noble family. How did you end up like this?”

The little beggar had not expected that Gu Ruoyun would ask a question like that. He stayed silent for a moment before saying: “I’m the only son of my family, and I’m the only successor left in the family. My family is at heads with another family. If that family finds out that I came here to seek the Ghost Doctor’s help, they would definitely find a way to stop me. Thus, Father could only secretly send me out here. For the sake of avoiding the notice of that family, he couldn’t send anyone to protect me. Furthermore, I’m not supposed to contact him except at critical moments. I don’t have much strength, so I ended up like this. At least I’ve finally found the Ghost Doctor and there’s a way to save me now…”

The little beggar’s face was full of emotion. This older sister had been called shifu by the Ghost Doctor, her medical skills must be very strong. This made him unconsciously willing to trust her…

“Alright.” Gu Ruoyun nodded slightly, “Wei Yiyi, take him to shower and give him a change of clothes before you bring him to see me.”

After she finished speaking, she turned and walked into Hundred Herb Hall without looking back…

Author’s Note: [expand title="Spoiler Alert"]When she’s done subduing the White Tiger, it’ll be the Azure Dragon’s turn. By then, Gu Ruoyun will have a lot more firepower by her side. [/expand]

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