Chapter 170: Subduing the White Tiger (1)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 170: Subduing the White Tiger (1)

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Wei Yiyi stared blankly for a moment upon hearing Gu Ruoyun say so. She then carefully observed the little fellow before her.

She could see the worry and tension on that dirt-covered little face; his small fists were clenched tightly as he looked at the two women before him with an obstinate and staunch stance.

“This is... eh?”

Wei Yiyi seemed to have discovered something as her eyes widened in surprise: “This kid has some sort of strong power sealed in his body. That power has been absorbing the spiritual power in his body to survive, so that’s why his power has been so low all these years. What a waste of a good talent.”

The Ghost Doctor shook her head in pity.

“No!” Gu Ruoyun shook her head, “It’s not some power that’s been sealed in his body; it’s a spiritual beast! I’m guessing that this kid must have gotten badly injured when he was young, and he was supposed to have died. However, someone caught a spiritual beast and sealed it in his body so that he could continue living. What you said was right, this fellow’s spiritual power is quite unusual. With proper training, he could definitely become a peerless genius! His achievements definitely wouldn’t lose out to my father’s! Otherwise, this spiritual beast wouldn’t have chosen to save him…”

Of course, this was what Zixie had told her via soul telepathy.

Even so, the little boy looked at her in astonishment, a glimmer of hope revealed in his eyes.

“Do you have some way to help me? I heard that the Ghost Doctor can do anything, so only the Ghost Doctor can save me! If I continue on like this, I’ll never become strong in my whole life. Please help me!”

Wei Yiyi smiled, “Little kid, I’m a human, not a god. I can’t do everything. Speaking honestly, I don’t have any way to help you, since this isn’t a wound or a sickness! How do you want me to help you?”

Most importantly, Wei Yiyi was a little scared of the spiritual beast in the boy’s body. She subconsciously didn’t dare to accept his request for help.

The little beggar lowered his head with some disappointment. The Ghost Doctor was his last hope, but if even this last shred of hope was gone, would he have to remain a good-for-nothing forever?


Absolutely not! If there was no way to raise his power, then there would be danger lurking on the horizon for his family…

“Actually, if you want to save him, it’s not like there’s no way to do so.”

Suddenly, a devilishly charming voice rang out from her soul, as if someone had just spoken by her ear.

Gu Ruoyun raised a brow: “What’s your solution?”

“It’s simple,” Zixie’s tone carried disdain towards Gu Ruoyun’s question, “Won’t everything be solved if you just subdue the spiritual beast in his body? Although that spiritual beast isn’t very strong right now, the White Tiger was one of the Four Divine Beasts at the very least.”


Gu Ruoyun’s eyes widened in astonishment.

What did Zixie just say? The White Tiger that was one of the Four Divine Beasts?

Back when this mainland had been formed, it had been led by the Four Divine Beasts: Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger and Black Turtle. At the start, the four beasts had each guarded a direction, protecting the structure of this mainland. Later on, the four beasts had mysteriously disappeared, and no one had seen traces of them ever since.

Furthermore, the four countries in this West Spirit Mainland were named after the Four Divine Beasts. Could there be some link in this?

“Girl, remember that you’re the owner of the Ancient Divine Pagoda. Although the Four Divine Beasts are very strong, that’s only when they’re up against other people. When I was at my peak, even when all of them came at me together, they weren’t even my match. Unfortunately, I’ve already lost most of my power right now. If you subdue the White Tiger, then your journey will become much safer.”

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