Chapter 169: The Dispute Over Pills (5)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 169: The Dispute Over Pills (5)

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This voice was rather familiar to Leng Yanfeng; it was exactly the same as it had been three years ago.

Once that recognition had fully settled in his mind, he slightly lifted his head and, while maintaining the persona of the aloof crown prince, he gazed past the crowd to single out one face in particular.

In three years’ time, the girl had lost the tender look of a child and transformed into an elegant beauty.

Moreover, he never could have imagined that the woman he had deemed a servant back then was actually the fearsome Ghost Doctor, and the former good-for-nothing had actually turned into the Ghost Doctor’s shifu!

Leng Yanfeng had a complicated look in his eyes as he said, “Gu Ruoyun, I didn’t think that you would be connected to the Ghost Doctor.”

“There are a lot of things you’ve never thought about,” Gu Ruoyun sneered, “However, Your Highness, if you’re looking for the Ghost Doctor to cure your… ailment... Sorry, even if the Ghost Doctor was able to cure that, she wouldn’t help you!”

Leng Yanfeng’s eyes darkened. With an unreadable expression, he asked, “If you haven’t even seen it, how do you know that it can’t be cured?”


Someone laughed. Wei Yiyi stepped out, a single eyebrow arched as she addressed him: “Your Highness, I’m a pure and innocent girl, yet you’re trying to make me treat your tool? Let me tell you, if you had come to beg for my help three years ago, I might have been able to treat it. However, now that three years have already passed, even the God of Medicine wouldn’t be able to treat you!”

Most importantly, she had never intended to treat him.

Wei Yiyi pouted. She still hadn’t forgotten how this fellow had kept troubling her shifu for his own selfish desires! If she cured him, wouldn’t that be causing trouble for Shifu? No way! She absolutely wouldn’t do such an insensible thing!

“You’re really not going to treat me?” Leng Yanfeng’s eyes turned chilly and he walked a few steps closer to Wei Yiyi. The air he breathed out was frigid as he spoke. “Ghost Doctor, forget that I’m the crown prince of a country. I’m an inner disciple of the Weapon Refining Sect. Now, are you willing to treat my ailment or not?”


Wei Yiyi raised her chin and sneered as she looked at Leng Yanfeng.

Was there anyone on this mainland who didn’t know that the Ghost Doctor had a strange temper? She would never treat anyone she didn’t want to, even if the Heavenly Emperor himself requested it! But what Heavenly Emperor was there? He was just an inner disciple of the Weapon Refining Sect at the end of the day.

“Very well!”

Leng Yanfeng took a deep breath and his tone turned even icier: “I hope… you don’t regret this! Let’s go!”

When he finished saying his piece, Leng Yanfeng turned and left without looking back. However, his calm front was belied by the two fists tightly clenched at his sides. A glacial winter had begun to build in the depths of his eyes...

After they had left, Gu Ruoyun cast a measuring gaze at the little beggar before her.

He was rather young and looked to be about ten years old or so. His clothing was tattered, his face was covered in a layer of dirt, and his body was stick thin, as if a sudden breeze could knock him over. However, those big, bright eyes of his carried a stubbornness all their own, and it was that charisma that highlighted the sharp, domineering aura that belonged to kings.

It was hard to imagine that this kind of expression came from a ten year old child.

“You’re the Ghost Doctor?” The little beggar’s eyes stared straight at Wei Yiyi without any emotion; they didn’t even carry the normal excitement most people would have when looking at the Ghost Doctor. He looked at her with calm attention and said, “I heard that the Ghost Doctor appeared in Azure Dragon Country’s Hundred Herb Hall, so I rushed all the way here. I didn't think that I would really be able to meet you! There’s hope for me now!”

Wei Yiyi raised her eyebrow, and was about to reject the little beggar’s plea for help. However, just as she was about to speak, Gu Ruoyun was one step ahead of her. There was a smile in her shifu’s voice when she spoke next.

“Wei Yiyi, this child is rather interesting, don’t you think?”

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