Chapter 168: The Dispute Over Pills (4)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 168: The Dispute Over Pills (4)

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“Wei Yiyi, don’t you think there’s been quite a number of experts in Azure Dragon Country lately?”

On the streets, Gu Ruoyun looked at the experts hidden in the crowd. She smiled at the sight, lifting a single eyebrow as she turned back to Wei Yiyi.

Wei Yiyi covered her mouth as she laughed. Her charming eyes narrowed as she said, “Wasn’t this because the Gu family’s Gu Xianglin snatched the pill formulas out of your hands some time before? Someone spread the news, so many experts have come to target the Gu family! You can imagine the chaos they’ll be in from now on…”

Wei Yiyi was right. Ever since someone had purposely spread the news, there were numerous people invading the Gu household in the middle of the night to try to steal the formulas! The entire Gu family wasn’t able to rest in peace. Old Man Gu tried to announce that the pill formulas had been stolen away, but no one believed it since there were no witnesses. Thus, the flow of people lured in by the pill formulas was endless.

Of course, within this period, Hundred Herb Hall was still selling pills as usual. However, no one set their sights on Hundred Herb Hall. Everyone assumed that the one helping Hundred Herb Hall to refine the pills was the legendary Ghost Doctor, and no one wanted to offend her. In comparison, the Gu family was an easier target.

It was only now that Gu Xianglin finally realised how stupid he had been to snatch away the formulas!

He had thought that none of the witnesses that day would talk about what had happened for fear of retribution from the Cool Breeze Faction, but it had actually been spread until everyone knew what had happened…

The mood was disrupted as an arrogant voice filtered in from the entrance of Hundred Herb Hall, slipping right into the ears of Gu Ruoyun.

“Where did this little beggar come from? Scram right now! Don’t block our crown prince’s way!”

Crown prince?

Leng Yanfeng?

Gu Ruoyun’s brows furrowed and she raised her head to look. An imperial guard was kicking away a beggar covered in dirt. He drew his sword before the people gathered in front of Hundred Herb Hall and coldly said: “Our crown prince is here. Any bystanders should scram right now!”

With a single order, the onlookers who couldn’t afford to offend the imperial family rush off.

Only the beggar who had been kicked remained. He scrambled up again, dirty little face unexpectedly fierce as he said: “I want to meet the Ghost Doctor!”

“Hmph!” The guard snorted and pointed his sword at the beggar. He declared: “The Ghost Doctor will only meet His Highness today! Anyone else should leave right now or face my sword!”

Leng Yanfang had not said anything since the beginning; he gave his tacit approval of his guard’s actions.

The little beggar bit his lip and stubbornly said: “I want to meet the Ghost Doctor! She’s the only one who can help me!”

“Brat, didn’t you hear what I said?” The guard strode forward and picked up the beggar by the collar. His disdain for the beggar was clear as day as he said, “With our crown prince here, do you think the Ghost Doctor will bother with a little beggar like you? The Ghost Doctor’s fees have always been exorbitant. Do you have enough gold to meet her? Why don’t you take a look at yourself first! Scram!”


The guard used a bit of force and tossed the little beggar away.

However, the little beggar never felt the impact of the hard ground. Instead, he fell onto a soft chest, and a sweet, elegant aroma filled his nose, freeing him of his worries…

The girl’s voice was level, yet full of mockery as she said, “What awe-inspiring authority from the crown prince! However, aren’t you exerting your authority in the wrong place? This is Hundred Herb Hall’s territory. Furthermore, when has the Ghost Doctor ever agreed to meet you?”

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