Chapter 167: The Dispute Over Pills (3)

Evil Emperors Wild Consort

Chapter 167: The Dispute Over Pills (3)

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“Rewards?” The grey-robed elder sneered. “You had two formulas but only gave me one. You’re still thinking of getting rewards? I’m already letting you leave with your lives intact out of consideration for two pill formulas! Gu Ming, is this how you’ve raised your son? He’s actually demanding rewards from me?”


Second Master Gu was so scared that he kneeled down. While trembling, he said: “My lord, there’s something wrong with my son’s mind. Please don’t bother with him; he didn’t mean it. We’re meant to serve you, my lord, so it’s only natural that we gave you those two formulas. We won’t ask for any rewards.”

“Hmph!” The grey-robed elder, frigid in his countenance, scoffed and said, “I’m going back to study these formulas. Don’t call me if there’s nothing to report. Also, don’t forget the mission I gave you back then.”

Second Master Gu’s body trembled. He wanted to speak up, but the elder’s figure slowly faded and disappeared right before his very own eyes.

From start to finish, Gu Xianglin had been staring straight at Second Master Gu. His disappointment and deep pain were self-evident.

“Didn’t you tell me that he would bring us endless rewards if we gave him the pill formulas? So why is it that I’m left with nothing after I gave him what he wanted?”

Hearing this, Second Master Gu was unhappy and said: “If you hadn’t tried to hide the last formula, we wouldn’t have ended up with nothing! This expert is prone to a bad temper. If something displeases him, he’ll totally renege on his previous promise! Wasn’t it you who ruined everything?”

Back then, he had helped this person execute the murder of Gu Tian. However, it was because they hadn’t found Gu Tian’s body that he had reneged on the promise back then.

Thus, if Gu Xianglin hadn’t concealed the last formula, this wouldn’t have happened.

It was all his fault!

Fate was surely laughing as, with impeccable timing, a grave voice sounded from the communication token in Gu Xianglin’s hands: “Lin’er, I don’t think it’s safe to leave the pill formula with you alone, so I’ll send some experts to escort you back. Hello? Lin’er, can you hear me? Lin’er…”

The man’s voice kept calling, but Gu Xianglin didn’t reply. He gripped the token in his hands, a bitter smile hanging at the corner of his lips.

This time, he had really shot his own foot!

Not only had he lost two pill formulas, but now it was inevitable that he would eventually lose his foster father’s trust in him…

“This is all Gu Ruoyun’s fault!”

That’s right, it was all that woman’s fault!

If she hadn’t given the pill formulas to him, this wouldn’t have happened! So this was all her fault!

“Young Master, Young Master, something bad happened!”

As he strode out of the secret room, they heard an anxious voice calling. Following that, one of the disciples ran in, gasping for breath as he said: “Young Master, news has spread across the entire mainland that Young Master has two pill formulas in hand. Countless experts are heading this way right now…”


Gu Xianglin’s mind abruptly crashed. Cold sweat dripped down his forehead. He felt giddy and weak, almost collapsing in a mess on the floor.

“I’m done for. This time, I’m really done for… Who? Who spread the news?”

Gu Ruoyun!

Suddenly, Gu Xianglin thought of that pretty face, and hatred filled him.

Who else could have spread the news so quickly aside from Hundred Herb Hall?

No wonder she had handed over the pill formulas so obediently. She had been planning to trick him all along!

Good; very well! Gu Ruoyun, you were the one who forced me into this mess! I definitely won’t let you live!

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